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Drew's Letter - Seventy four you bb! 🇧🇷


Drew's Letter

November 24 · Issue #74 · View online

The latest things I've dug into including books, quotes, songs, gadgets and other things I've found interesting.

Bom dia 🇧🇷
I’ve arrived safe and sound in Brazil and things are already getting wild here!
  • I ate a pig’s ear for the first time, and liked it. 🐖
  • I found a peculiar, massive tree that is wider than any I’ve witnessed (below). 🌳 If you can identify the species I’ll get you a coffee. ☕️
The best learnings I’ve picked up from all my travels:
  • Different doesn’t mean wrong. Difference doesn’t imply inferiority nor superiority, something might just be different.
  • Travel is always a blessing. Either I gain deeper appreciation for the place I am from, or I am exposed to a new way of life that I enjoy. Often its both, a win-win.
Film worth watching- A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood details the story of Fred Rogers, more commonly known as Mr. Rogers. The part that stuck out to me most was when Mr. Rogers explained to his new friend, Lloyd, that we don’t have to deal with our feelings in toxic ways. We can deal with them positively. 🍿
It hit me powerfully, and did the same to Lloyd. Often we walk through life with the illusion that people that seem unusually warm and happy don’t get upset or frustrated.
That’s bullshit. 💩
We (and I use the word we deliberately here, as I am unusually warm) get upset and frustrated just as much as the rest of you! The key is to be proactive about self-care, and also to be reactive in healthy ways. For example, in a relationship there will inevitably be an argument at some point. Choosing how you will argue is a much better method than pretending an argument won’t occur, and trying to build the parachute as you’re falling through the sky.
Related book- Jim Collins mentions in his classic, Good To Great, that the great companies don’t encounter less setbacks than the mediocre ones. Instead, they plan in advance what they will do when those setbacks inevitably arrive.
How are you choosing to deal with crises in advance?
PS- it means “graciously” in Portuguese if you’re curious.
PPS- I never studied abroad in college but boy am I studying the broads here. 😍
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