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Drew's Letter, let's connect better 🎧

Sawubona everyone :) A friend recently requested some resources for connecting with others, and I tho

Drew's Letter

November 17 · Issue #73 · View online
The latest things I've dug into including books, quotes, songs, gadgets and other things I've found interesting.

Sawubona everyone :)
A friend recently requested some resources for connecting with others, and I thought it may be helpful to share the list I made with a broader audience, so here goes! 📃
  • Lunchclub- 45 minute video chat convos, usually during lunch time. Can be local or global, so local ones may be cool to coordinate future in person meetings. 🍕
  • Tea With Strangers- somewhat defunct but may be worth a try. Meet strangers for tea and conversation, no phones allowed, scheduled for 2 hours. ☕️
  • Interintellect- the most interesting conversations on the internet. They often have “salons” for people to discuss various topics. 🤔
  • Realtime- only in beta right now. RealTime is about connecting with others in real time. Again, conversation focused and interactive. PS- the founder literally saved my life once. 🗣
  • Clubhouse- drop in audio chats. Can be any topic, many people. Make sure to follow people/topics you may be interested in. Notification wise, you can set it up so that you get notified when certain people are online. That way if you happen to be free and your friend is online, you can chat with them. 🏡
  • Rover- haven’t used myself but have heard great things. It’s a pet sitting and dog walking service. While it isn’t people-focused, you can connect with animals, and get paid, and it’s totally self-paced- you help as many or as few as you like. 🐶
Another thing you may want to try is Instagram or Youtube live- you can engage with people live, rather than posting for them to see later. Another platform for that is Twitch. Twitch is mostly video game focused, but other communities can use it, too, they just don’t tend to. I think it may be cool to post live random sessions on Twitch, like cooking for example. I haven’t heard of that and it might be a unique way to leverage the platform. Again, all of these are online, but online tools can facilitate offline connections. You may have a new friend just around the corner that you haven’t met yet!

Music I’ve been digging- I made up a song over the weekend and thought to share here. It’s short, sweet, and food for the soul to eat. 🍉
May I be at peace
May I be at peace
May my heart be free
May my heart be free
May my soul lead me
May my soul lead me
And may love guide me
And may love guide me
Repeat as many times as you want. If it moves you, sing with a partner and alternate lines, Or have one person begin slightly late to make a harmony. 🎶

Related Old School banger- Connected by Stereo MC’s, circa 1992 is worth grooving to from time to time. 🕺

PS- I’m moving to Brazil 🇧🇷 on 11/21 and am not sure how best to convey my experiences there, but it’s on my mind! If there’s anything in particular you’re curious about or would like to see, gimme a holler. I’m listening. 📲 If you wanna stay in touch, I’ll still have the interwebz and you can let me know WhatsApp, too 😜

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