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Drew's Letter - Issue #59

Sawubona, I'm feeling salty this week! A theme in my life has been to revisit and rethink "basic" thi

Drew's Letter

August 11 · Issue #59 · View online
The latest things I've dug into including books, quotes, songs, gadgets and other things I've found interesting.

Sawubona, I’m feeling salty this week! A theme in my life has been to revisit and rethink “basic” things like breathing, sleep, water, the sun, and more. This has been a fulfilling, spurred behavior change and stopped me from taking certain things for granted. This week’s theme is a dive into all things salt.
  • Salt is so universal that it used to be used as a currency, and still is in some places.
  • Many old recipes don’t call for salt, because food was preserved in it.
  • Some crystals are different sized than others. Thus, one teaspoon of one type of salt may be twice as dense or salty as another. Be mindful! Shoutout to Samin.
  • Celtic Sea Salt– I also call this “dirty salt” because well, it looks dirty. Be mindful that it is not iodized. It is home to many trace minerals not found in regular salt. Considering that salt goes on nearly everything you cook, leveling up your salt effectively levels up your total nutrition. I blended mine with Dulse to get more iodine. I sometimes sprinkle a pinch of this in my water before drinking. The salt tends to dissolve and the dulse doesn’t, so skip the dulse if you’re not a fan. It can make the water look nasty.
  • Salt Cellar- this is different from a salt shaker, and allows for grabbing pinches of salt by hand, allowing for increased precision and control.
  • Salt is a flavor enhancer. It helps to bring out the existing flavors in food. It can be added before, during, and after cooking.
  • Different people have different tolerance to salt. I wouldn’t go with government recommended salt intake. One of the dieting trends out there is genetic based dieting. (Don’t go with GenoPalate if you’re curious). The premise is to eat what your ancestors ate. Bear in mind that for much of human history, people didn’t travel nearly as much as we did today. This accounts for part of why we look different despite being the same species– our ancestors evolved to thrive in different environments.
  • LMNT- these are liquid electrolytes from Robb Wolf, one of the world’s paleo gurus. Robb made this company to scratch his own itch, having a hard time finding electrolytes with a good profile and not loaded with sugar (Gatorade, cough cough). They are not cheap, but they taste good, and you can get them without stevia if you like. You can also make a DIY version which I’ll likely be doing in the coming weeks. Robb explains on the website that the small amount of carbs they do have (2g) may deepen a fast anyways. This supplement has been the only one I’ve found to contain potassium in non-trace amounts.

Stay salty,
PS- If you’ve been enjoying this, please pass it along to someone else you think would, as well. It’d mean a lot to me, and maybe them, too. ❤️

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