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Drew's Letter- Get Your 👞👞 on Route 66 🚗

Happy Tuesday Everybody! 🙌 Housekeeping note on sharing- after speaking with y'all, some folks prefer

Drew's Letter

September 29 · Issue #66 · View online
The latest things I've dug into including books, quotes, songs, gadgets and other things I've found interesting.

Happy Tuesday Everybody! 🙌
Housekeeping note on sharing- after speaking with y'all, some folks prefer personal musings while others prefer generalized curation. I started this newsletter as a fun way to stay in touch with people I care about, practice the craft of writing, and open source my thinking. I don’t have a targeted plan to take over the world. With that said, I care about you all and respect your attention. It’s an exquisite gift. 🤓 As a means of making my recommendations more robust, I’m doing my best to give them a 3 month lag before any public sharing. I have some awesome stuff I want to share that hasn’t passed that threshold, so thanks for bearing with me. It seems some recommenders have 10 packages full of widgets coming every day?!?!?! I don’t know how its possible to try so many gadgets all the time! My best guess is that recommenders are shilling junk without trying it and I don’t want to do that. 🏡
Related quote I’ve been pondering- the further out in the ocean you go, the deeper the water gets. h/t to Peter Attia. I’ve begun a number of experiments that lead to further exploration rather than closure. While the exploration is fun, it can also be tiring. For example, part of my journey to better sleep led me to a sleep class, didgeridoo, Wim Hof, dental work, and I’m not going to give y'all the Full Monty till I’m done. 🤔
Sometimes I wish I was deaf- 👂I love enjoying music and sounds. But, many deaf people have a superpower–they read incredibly fast. Deaf people often read faster than others because they don’t subvocalize. Subvocalizing involves reading words out loud in your own head. The eye can see faster than the mouth can speak, so when you subvocalize, you’re throttling your eyes at the rate of your mouth. The rate of speech becomes your bottleneck. 🍾
Speaking of bottlenecks- You should read The Goal by Eli Goldratt. NOTES The Goal shook my tree. It provides a model targeted at one domain that applies to others. The biggest insight I took from the book is that a system’s output is constrained by the slowest point in the system, or bottleneck. For example, if a system has stations A, B, and C and all outputs go through each station, it doesn’t matter if B and C can produce twenty units per hour if A can only produce one. Your max output is one. To boost system output, focus on the bottlenecks. 📚
How I use this IRL- It’s important to read things out loud when editing. But, I don’t want to tank my reading speed by practicing vocalizing. As a preventative measure, I have begun using text to speech software to hack this. The software reads to me. I haven’t seen or heard of other writers doing this but I’m curious what the results will be. The robot sounds odd, but it gets the job done and I’ll take its awkwardness over throttling my reading speed any day. I have just begun this experiment and you may find software better than the one linked, so don’t take this as an endorsement of the particular tool. 🗣

Be well,
PS- If a missive is a letter, does that mean the PS is submissive? 😜

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