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100 Stories- Everyone Is Our Mirror


Drew's Letter

January 14 · Issue #93 · View online

The latest things I've dug into including books, quotes, songs, gadgets and other things I've found interesting.

Sawubona! The sprint and marathon continue. Today is #14 in the 💯 Stories in 💯 Days Series. In case you missed it, yesterday’s was- The Importance Of A North Star ⭐️
Today, we are diving into…
Everyone Is Our Mirror
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On to the house of mirrors…🏠
I like other people when I see myself in them.
I dislike other people when I see myself in them.
I admire other people when I see myself in them. Tony Robbins says we admire others when we see in them attributes we haven’t owned in ourselves.
This pill is hard to swallow for both reasons.
I can’t be those people I hate!
I can’t be those people I put on pedestals!
Well, I’m not. These people are merely reminders.
Our enemies are our greatest teachers.
So are our heroes.
Lessons Learned:
  • What is the lesson here?- anytime I’m upset or excited, ask myself this question.
  • Own my gold! 🏆 Often, I realize that others are my mirror when I’m pissed off. But, I rarely admit that others are my mirror when I admire them. I can take ownership of the positive things about me (the gold).
  • How can I help others own their gold? I can say, “everyone is our mirror” when complemented by someone.
As always, thank you for reading. Tomorrow we are diving into Using Small Words To Convey Big Ideas. 💡
Be well,
PS- Admit is Latin for “to send,” and admire is “to wonder” so, I think “to admit I admire” is “to send wonder”. How beautiful 😍
PPS- I came across this mental model, principle, or whatever you want to call it, thanks to The Mankind Project. They are a group that teaches emotional literacy to men. Trust me, as a man, men need it. If you are a man or know a man who is curious, drop me a line. I’d be thrilled to chat.

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