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100 Stories- Drinking My Own Pee: What An Idea! 🍺 ❽ of 💯


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January 8 · Issue #87 · View online

The latest things I've dug into including books, quotes, songs, gadgets and other things I've found interesting.

Today is #8 in the 💯 Stories in 💯 Days series. In case you missed it, yesterday’s is Rope Flow- Why Knot? We are now 8 days into the sprint and marathon. Onward!
Drinking My Own Pee: What An Idea! 🍺
This isn’t something I ever added to my bucket list. But I can say that I’ve done it. Is it crazy? Maybe. Does it sound crazy? Definitely. I first heard about it from an acquaintance of mine. She is generally open-minded and forthcoming but was shy about this, understandably so. She said she was a guest on a podcast.
I asked what the podcast was about. She sheepishly told me it was about drinking piss.
Honestly, I don’t recall the podcast’s name. I didn’t watch it. The seed had been planted. She mentioned biblical references- some people think Jesus drank his own pee. ✝️ Others think Moses did, too. Christ, that is nasty! But, you get thirsty out in the desert! 🌵
That was about it. It wasn’t enough for me to dive in, but it was enough for me to remember. Whenever I dismiss people as crazy, I deprive myself of the opportunity to understand them. Maybe these pee drinkers know something I don’t. Who am I to say?
Months later, I went on the Vision Quest, an epic event. The main thing to note for this story is that the first year of Vision Quest involves 4 full days and nights alone on a hill without food.
Or water. 💧
When I was a kid, school taught us that humans could survive for 30 days without food and 3 without water. I once heard that the power of the news is in telling us what is newsworthy. The same is true for schools. The power is in what is taught. Other people decide what is important for us to know. They are wrong—a lot. The whole 30 days no food and 3 days no water thing is bullshit.
What comforted me about Vision Quest was knowing that I wasn’t the first. I knew multiple people who had done it. They survived. I admire them for other reasons. This told me that not only was it possible, but that it could also be beneficial.
Sometimes at Vision Quest, it rains. Other times not. When it rains, you get wet. But you can also get some water! You can suck it out of your clothes or blanket. When I went, we didn’t get a single drop of rain.
The first day, I peed. This made sense, as it was the first day. The second day, I peed again. Ok, maybe there was a little gas left in the tank. On the third day, I was stunned. Where is this coming from?
I was thirsty. Real thirsty. I tried drinking a little, but it didn’t work.
Sorry, I haven’t practiced this before. I was only peeing once a day, so it was hard to get those 10,000 hours in.
On the last day, I tried again. I cupped my hands and drank the water from my personal faucet.
It didn’t taste good. But it wasn’t as bad as beer. It was the color of a Miller High Life, without the foam.
I went on with my life.
Now, I follow a few people on Instagram that drink their own pee. In fact, one of them, The Black Airbender, was on the cover of the LA Tribune. Granted, he teaches breathwork, which was the main focus of the article. But the dude regularly drinks his own pee.
Another guy I follow named Nick Caputo also does this.
Does this seem weird as hell? Yes. Might it work? Yes. How to know? Good question.
What I do know: these men help tons of people reverse diseases. How much of this stuff works, and how much doesn’t? I’m not sure. But, that type of information is where my edge is. That is where I grow. Where I consider things I previously didn’t. Where I entertain ideas for their own sake.
This is something that often saddens me. I feel alone in this. I wish more people entertained ideas. Let’s talk about ideas, not about the people who created them. Not the stories behind those people. Not our judgments about them. Let’s just get into the ideas. Sometimes they may piss me off (pun intended). There is always a lesson. Why does this bother me? It’s just an idea!
Orin, Shivambu, Life Water- these are all names for another phrase called Urine Therapy. Wikipedia will tell you, “No scientific evidence exists to support any beneficial health claims of urine therapy.” But I don’t trust them anymore. They’ve been wrong about too many things that have helped me a lot. Wikipedia, despite being an encyclopedia, is full of ad hominem. While it is “globally created,” it is mostly filled with the thoughts of a small tribe of epic power users.
I understand this. I used to work for, a massive question answer community online. We had users that spent many hours a day, every day, answering and editing the website. These people were paid nothing. Well, unless you consider badges and stickers to be something. But even these were only digital sticker. Yet, they kept going. Wikipedia is similar.
Wikipedia doesn’t tell you that the Rockefeller family co-opted the American Medical Association and many medical schools- offering them financial gifts so epic they couldn’t say no. The catch was that they could only teach petroleum-based medicine- a curriculum approved by the Rockefellers. When this happened, we did a big switcheroo. Native medicines were labeled as quackery and renamed Alter-native medicine. I’m pretty butthurt about this. Anything like Urine Therapy was immediately blacklisted- the public could no longer entertain such ideas. 😨
Of course, this wasn’t taught in school either! Are the Rockefellers good or evil? Yes. We all shape the world in our own image. There’s is an image of oil, and they happen to be better at spreading it than almost everyone. I won’t donate to my university unless they do exactly what I want with my money. They won’t get a penny from me until they abolish the evil that is Parking Services. All Hokies know the special hell enforced by this group. It is so confusing that even students of higher education can’t understand the signs! Some suspect it is by design, to eke out money for the school. I don’t blame the Rockefellers for the way they donate, even if they were misguided. I believe we must educate the ignorant, not shame them.
Lessons learned:
  • Don’t dismiss ideas.
  • Explore them.
  • Many things I do now seemed crazy to me in the past. The old me never imagined I’d live abroad, let alone in Brazil. Now, this is my normal.
  • Separate people from their ideas.
  • Even my best ideas often aren’t “mine.” An elf jams them into my brain while I’m in the shower. They come to me. They don’t come from me. I am but a messenger.
What ideas would you like to entertain this year?
As always, thank you for your precious time and attention. Tomorrow we dive into Waiting Tables Was Cognitively Harder Than Working For Google. Why it’s physically harder is obvious, so I felt obligated to put the c-word in there.
Be well,
PS- Back to Wikipedia…
A very tiny amount of people curate the experience for a huge audience of others. What we see is coming from their lens, not ours. This is what I believe the United States is suffering from most at this time. 🇺🇸 We are a representative democracy, yet the people we have chosen to represent us don’t. It’s hard to say exactly what the result of that will be, but I’m certain in the long term, it makes a lot of people angry. That pisses me off.

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