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Since these Wellness Digests has been hitting too many spam filters, I am sadly moving this Wellness Digest to another platform.If you signed up for this Wellness Digest through my website, you will continue to receive digests but will notice it coming to you…


Father’s Day: What Dad Really Wants This Year

Moms and kids, this year you scratched your heads, wondering what dad really wants for Father’s Day. While you might scratch your head on this question every year, you’re especially wondering this year since - due to COVID-19 restrictions - many of the usual …


I Can’t Stop Thinking About George Floyd

For ideas about lending your voice to anti-racism initiatives and promoting racial justice, this medium article has 75 suggestions for ways to help and has been widely circulated. Many worthy organizations tirelessly fight for racial justice all over the worl…


Honoring our heroes today...and the battleground of expectations

If you or someone you love is looking for more help managing anxiety during the pandemic, my free online course Coronavirus Anxiety Toolkit compiles evidence-based strategies and tools to help and is available for access here. I have been adding to it regular…


Anxiety and the Emotional Driver’s Seat

It isn't hard to be feeling anxious amidst ongoing distancing and global uncertainty, to say nothing of a coming summer season with plans unknown and likely disappointments. But there can be a positive spin on the kind of anxiety that may be starting to feel …


Coronavirus Parenting Getting You Down? Get This One Thing Right, and Your Kids Will Be OK

Needing more help with COVID-19 anxiety? Access the FREE online Coronavirus Anxiety Toolkit Here.


Aromatherapy for Anxiety with Special Guest, Dr. Judith Boice

If you're looking for more help navigating anxiety amidst the outbreak, my free online course Coronavirus Anxiety Toolkit compiles evidence-based strategies and tools and is available for access here. I will be adding to it as the need continues, and if there…


Are You "Over It" Already?

Needing more help with COVID-19 anxiety? Access the FREE online Coronavirus Anxiety Toolkit Here.


Why Lockdown Isn't Great for Your Emotional Triggers

If coping feels particularly hard these days, remember to check out my FREE digital toolkit of best practices for stress and anxiety relief during the pandemic by clicking HERE. To purchase a copy of my book, Hack Your Anxiety, and get access to brand NEW boo…


Corona Times: How to Help Someone With Anxiety About the Unknown

We're not used to this. The near lockdowns. The layoffs. The worry about those most vulnerable. And to top it all off, one of the most irksome aspects is we don't know when it's going to end. This lack of an exit plan is a major anxiety trigger.During regular…


The Coronavirus Belly Dance: How to Calm Down, Like Now

Staying calm may be one of our biggest challenges as we face the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and find ourselves experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety. It’s war mode, and our common enemy is a virus, invisible and silent. Some of us can be asymptoma…


Sleep Might Be One of Your Most Important Tools To Cultivate Resilience

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Remember, You Can Handle This

No matter how you are affected by Covid-19, chances are high you are feeling stress and anxiety. How could we not be stressed by the myriad demands for change in our lives and routines, or anxious about concerns for our wellbeing and that of our loved ones, t…


Is Covid-19 making you anxious?

You bet it is. Most of the folks I've talked to this week are feeling it. The new corona virus isn't just threatening our health, routines, and retirement accounts, it's impacting our anxiety too. How could we not feel anxious in a global pandemic? As you bra…


Your Story Changes When You View Anxiety As An Open Door

So grateful for your fantastic reviews! They make such a difference. An impressive and in-depth self-help book for anxietyAs a mental health professional, I would highly recommend this book for anyone dealing with anxiety or feeling overstressed. I don't thin…


Escaping and Preventing Burnout

I'd love to know YOUR single biggest challenge.Before I finish developing the free bonuses for Hack Your Anxiety, I want to make sure I’m covering topics that are going to be most useful…I've already gotten some great feedback so far (thank you!) and have som…


Quick question... can you help?

Hi friends,It's Alicia here, and I’m writing because I’m putting together some free bonuses to help worriers better control their anxiety after they’ve read my book, Hack Your Anxiety.But before I finish creating these bonuses, I want to make sure I’m coverin…


Focusing On The Present Allows Us to Shape Our Future

So grateful for these latest Amazon reviews and the many of you who have posted your feedback. Every review helps get the word out to readers looking for help - thank you!!"a psychotherapist certified in the clinical treatment of anxiety... I recommend this b…


Stress Can Be An Invitation to Change

So grateful for this amazing recent review:"Deep, well researched and warm guide! Debunks a lot of myths! I especially appreciated the section where you can discover more about your particular sort of anxiety. Mine is “The Whisper” sort and her description ga…


Gratitude Is The Heart's Memory

"Scholarly,cutting-edge, and practical book about using anxiety for your benefit."based on extensive research, including the fascinating new brain science, Dr. Clark carefully, expertly, and compassionately teaches the reader how to embrace anxiety: accept it…