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Your Story Changes When You View Anxiety As An Open Door

Your Story Changes When You View Anxiety As An Open Door
I love the idea of turning anxiety on its head. It’s what I’ve found best turns the tables on it, and delivers much needed control.
We can’t stop stress and anxiety from showing up in our lives - it’s almost inevitable when we are so often surrounded by deadlines, tasks, tragedies, political turmoil, and myriad new challenges. It isn’t hard to get locked into negative thoughts about stress and anxiety - after all, it’s pretty darn uncomfortable, and no one ever said they wanted to feel more anxiety.
But our understandable resistance can wreak havoc on our attitude, and so often leave us feeling like anxiety is the roadblock, rather than the entry point for something great. This issue is dedicated to reminding how important your view of anxiety can be. Simply tweaking how we think of it can powerfully transform how and what we do with it.
In whatever way you experience stress and anxiety in the coming days, how could you decide to view it a bit differently? In what way could you reframe your fears as opportunities awaiting your focus and attention? I would love to know what works for you!
Wishing you awareness and clarity,

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To purchase your copy, click on the image above
To purchase your copy, click on the image above
So grateful for your fantastic reviews! They make such a difference.
As a mental health professional, I would highly recommend this book for anyone dealing with anxiety or feeling overstressed. I don’t think there is anything that wasn’t covered on the topic… use your highlighter for what applies to you then go back and re-read those sections.
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