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Where Our Thoughts Go Our Feelings Follow

Where Our Thoughts Go Our Feelings Follow
While it may not always feel this way, we actually have more control over our feelings than most of us think. Whether we see the proverbial half-empty or half-full glass depends in large part on what we choose to see. Can we find the positive when the negative is right there staring, or yelling, at us? It’s not always easy.
Yet despite the difficulties in perceiving the positive in a situation, the research is clear about the advantages of trying. Simply trying to see the positive can broaden our perspective, boost resilience, and deliver relieving emotional results when we need it most.
This month I’m sharing some ideas about the power of tuning in, directing our thinking, and looking for progress. When we choose to see the positive, view ourselves with compassion, and feel the gratitude that naturally follows, we nudge ourselves toward wellness, and healthier mental balance.
Wishing you courage to choose a more positive perspective this month as we welcome the first signs of spring, and beacon this season of renewal.

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Audiobook coming soon - stay tuned!
Audiobook coming soon - stay tuned!
Reviews for Hack Your Anxiety:
I found this book to be well written with a compelling new take on anxiety and how it can be transformed, positively.
Her book is relatable and easy to read, providing scientific background and scholarly research along with thoughtful, practical tools for how to take control and use anxiety to your advantage.
The book is easy and enjoyable to read, organized in a way to offer the broader context…as well as quick access to your specific source of anxiety, be it relationships, parenting or work & financial success, and there is even a toolkit that can be useful as soon as you open the book.
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