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What It Means to Hack Your Anxiety?

Whether you have been receiving my blog digests or nothing yet at all, welcome to my Wellness Digest!
What It Means to Hack Your Anxiety?
Whether you have been receiving my blog digests or nothing yet at all, welcome to my Wellness Digest! On a more regular basis, I will be curating timely tips and hints for managing anxiety, nurturing relationships, creating healthy families, and optimizing personal wellness. I will only send along information I believe in, and have seen work. 
I’m also very excited to announce my upcoming book, Hack Your Anxiety: How to Make Anxiety Work for You in Life, Love and All That You Do, that will publish August 7 and is available for preorder through the link below. It is all about turning around our thinking about anxiety, offering a fresh perspective on the latest science, debunking the most common myths, and providing a roadmap (along with a Tool Kit) for reclaiming control.
In helping people harness the benefits of anxiety, “hack” had never been a word I used to describe the process, it wasn’t even a word I particularly liked. So when my editor proposed using it in my new book’s title, I was more than a little worried (read anxious) readers would get the wrong idea about the purpose of book, expecting another set of strategies to bypass and avoid anxiety, rather than to rethink and use it.
Before letting myself get too much more anxious, I decided to looked it up, and was surprised to learn “hack” is a rather complicated and mature verb, with multiple meanings all separately resonating with best practices of managing anxiety:
1. To cut or shape clear by cutting away superfluous material
2. To manage successfully
3. To gain access to a network or system
Not at all what I had originally thought, “hack” turns out to be the perfect word to describe how to best use anxiety. 
Hacking anxiety means rethinking it, pairing it down to its most useful version, and dealing with it. Included in this digest is information about just that: rethinking anxiety to use it. I hope you might find a new perspective on anxiety that can help next time anxiety strikes. 
Just as there are more than one perspective on what it means to “hack,” there are more than one way to hack anxiety. Future digests will touch on them as well. 
Thanks again for your interest in becoming more informed about mental wellness. I hope you will find in these digests information that will support and inspire you. 
Looking forward to being in touch,

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Available for preorder here
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