Stress Can Be An Invitation to Change





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Stress Can Be An Invitation to Change
With the demands of the holidays and year-end approaching, stress is in full bloom these days as so many of us struggle to get through lengthy to-do lists, plan and attend seasonal events, and make time for friends and family. Whether it’s losing sleep to extra work or social demands, the pressure is real, and few of us escape the impact of stress - even if it’s good stress.
Not just as uncomfortable pressure, but also the motivation we often need to meet responsibilities, stress invites us to change, even if our attitude. To help buttress your mindset during this busy season, I’ve included a few pieces on the interconnections of stress, anxiety, and change, as well as some key strategies for taking control, and staying positive.
Rethinking stress can go a long way in helping you feel more grounded and resilient when stress takes hold. As you face the many demands of the season, I wish you positive thoughts and . Our attitude can be particularly powerful when stress takes hold.
Wishing you a season of positive thoughts and well-channeled stress,

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To purchase your copy, click on the image above
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Deep, well researched and warm guide! Debunks a lot of myths! I especially appreciated the section where you can discover more about your particular sort of anxiety. Mine is “The Whisper” sort and her description gave me a new perspective…If you’re looking for a deep dive into anxiety that’s extremely up to date and filled with practical examples this is perfect! There’s also a handy toolkit and summary at the back that you can refer to when you’re ready to put her wonderful suggestions to work in your life.” - Amazon Reader
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