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Focusing On The Present Allows Us to Shape Our Future

Focusing On The Present Allows Us to Shape Our Future
At this New Year’s transition, it’s easy to get wrapped up in upcoming to-do’s, hopes for the year ahead, and memories emerging from this season of lang syne. With so much mental transition (and the stress that accompanies it), staying in the present moment can be harder than it may sound, especially when our experience in the present is sometimes confusing and difficult.
Avoidance, and distraction, can be powerful pulls when transition feels uncomfortable. And while compartmentalization and relaxation can be valuable tools in managing short-term stress and anxiety, avoiding ongoing anxiety seldom works for the long haul, and worse, tends to hold us back from engaging fully in our life and cultivating what we want.
With the transition of the New Year upon us, this issue is dedicated to tuning into your present experience, and what really matters.
Wishing you awareness and clarity as we welcome 2020,

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To purchase your copy, click on the image above
To purchase your copy, click on the image above
So grateful for these latest Amazon reviews and the many of you who have posted your feedback. Every review helps get the word out to readers looking for help - thank you!!
“a psychotherapist certified in the clinical treatment of anxiety… I recommend this book to anyone who wants to become better able to control their personal and professional success!”
“A new and refreshing view of anxiety as a tool to help us find the best in us instead of the prevalent “doom” perspective”
“I will be recommending this book to my clients. Thank you for a thoughtful and interesting read… that shares tools to hack the anxiety monster, find a way to befriend it, and to move forward in life with more ease.”
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