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Watchman Report - Signs and the Gospel - Issue #6

End Times Berean Watchman Report
Watchman Report - Signs and the Gospel - Issue #6
By Dr. Christian Widener • Issue #6 • View online
November 5th, 2021
Welcome to the sixth issue of the End Times Berean Watchman Report!
In this sixth issue, we will be looking at some of the signs that have been going on in the heavens and on the Earth, as well as the progress that is being made in the advancement of the Gospel worldwide.

Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth
I’ve been interested in Astronomy since I was in grade school and we made our first extracurricular trip to an observatory. However, I’ve never had the opportunity to witness the kinds of celestial phenomena that seem to have been presenting themselves in the last several years. We had a tetrad of blood moons (2014-2015), the Great American Eclipse (August 21, 2017), and a naked-eye visible comet called NEOWISE (2020). All of these events are historically associated with disasters and judgments.
Comet NEOWISE - Sylvan Lake, SD - July 2020 - Captured with my iPhone
Comet NEOWISE - Sylvan Lake, SD - July 2020 - Captured with my iPhone
There have also been fires raging around the globe, wide spread flooding, earthquakes, locusts, and so many other bizarre phenomena. These signs don’t prove anything by themselves, but together they support the other signs and the view that labor pangs really are increasing as we move forward in time.
Global Mass Flooding Events: July 2021 - The Sustainable Switch
Desert Locust ‘re-invasion’ threatens millions across Horn of Africa | | UN News
There are even the most bizarre kinds of signs like this one story about a modern day Jonah event.
Another really strange sign was a large body of water near the Dead Sea in the land of Sodom and Gommorah (just inside the Jordanian border) turned blood red at Yom Kippur this year.
Dead Sea turns blood red during holy day of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
The Proclamation of the Gospel
In recent years, the gospel has been exploding in previously unreached or under-reached areas. In reference to the 50 countries that are the most hostile to Christians, for example, the number of Christians rose by 20% over the previous year (see the article under the Martyrdom section).
The last days should be marked by both trials and persecutions as well as an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Based on the reports coming in from all over the globe, the Holy Spirit is being poured out in the places that have traditionally been the hardest to reach. Praise God!
Church Growth Soars in India Despite Persecution, COVID-19 | Christian News Network
Researchers Find Christians in Iran Approaching 1 Million...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today
More Muslims convert to Christianity than ever before | Weekly Blitz
Final Thoughts
Signs in the heavens, by themselves, are not really a definitive indication of anything special; however, when you consider all of these strange sights along with all of the other specific fulfillments of scripture in these last days, I think they are worth noting.
And speaking of signs, not only is the gospel going forth in places that decades ago were impossible, there have been many Muslims converting because Jesus appeared to them in dreams. Not all Christians believe that Jesus really does things like that, but the evidence is everywhere. Here’s just one example from Dave Eubank (Free Burma Rangers):
‘Jesus Came to Them in Dreams’: Scores of Muslims Converting to Christ in Iraq, Syria – Faithwire
The testimony of faithful missionaries like Dave and former Muslims coming to Christ should be enough to convince us, but we also have the testimony of scripture:
Joel 2:28-29 (NIV)
“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.
Until next week, keep watching!
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