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End Times Berean Watchman Report - On the Road

End Times Berean Watchman Report
End Times Berean Watchman Report - On the Road
By Dr. Christian Widener • Issue #30 • View online
May 20th, 2022
As this newsletter goes out, I’m attending the Homeward Bound Prophecy Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. It has a huge line-up of speakers, and I’ll be talking with as many people as the Lord enables about the new findings in my new book.

Homeward Bound Prophecy Conference - The Prophecy Watchers
The Blood Moon
It was a beautiful sight. We were blessed with clear skies and got the chance to watch the full eclipse at a reasonable time of night. It wasn’t a great picture with just my phone, but it was a special thing to share with the family.
Blood Moon, May 15, 2022, taken with an iPhone in the Black Hills.
Blood Moon, May 15, 2022, taken with an iPhone in the Black Hills.
There were no special events reported concerning the Temple Mount, despite calls from both Hamas and religious Jews to ascend the Temple Mount. There weren’t any reported attempts to make a sacrifice, either, so the waiting on that front continues. But lest we think it will never happen, calls internally for Israel to assert sovereignty over the Temple Mount continue to increase.
Hamas calls for mass Nakba Day ascent to Temple Mount - The Jerusalem Post
The attempts to degrade Israel’s Temple Mount sovereignty - opinion - The Jerusalem Post
Israel in the News...
There was however, a very interesting interfaith summit held in Saudi Arabia on May 12th. One of the possible scenarios for permission to rebuild the temple would hinge on Saudi Arabia promoting the idea that Jews and Christians should also be able to worship on the Temple Mount. This kind of interfaith dialogue is almost certainly setting the world up for the one world religion of the Antichrist, but it may also lead to a political change in the Muslim world allowing another Jewish Temple to be constructed.
Bold and historic conference in Saudi Arabia brings together leaders of several faiths for first time in the kingdom - All Arab News
Another cool fact, is that Israel has just entered it’s 74th year as a nation, which is the longest that Israel has ever been a united nation since the time of the Judges. After the kingship of Saul, 42 years, the monarchy failed. It took David seven years to reestablish it, and then he ruled for 33 years followed by his son Solomon, who was king for 40 years. But after Solomon’s death the tribes rebelled against his son Rehoboam and the country was again divided. It took almost three thousand years for them to get back to this point.
Why this year’s Independence Day was special for Israel - opinion - The Jerusalem Post
And the government under Naftali Bennet just came one step closer to failing as one more MK removes her vote, leaving them with only 59 seats, one seat less than the opposition party led by Likud with 60 seats. It’s still anyone’s guess what will happen next, but it creates the opportunity for a reshuffling of the deck and the possibility of the rise of a truly right-wing government that might actually support exerting more sovereignty over the Temple Mount.
Is the coalition now tearing apart from the Left as well? Bombshell announcement by left-wing Knesset member leaves coalition in the minority | All Israel News
Food Scarcity
I’m thinking that as the obvious coming food crisis emerges, more countries, like India, will begin hoarding what they have for their own citizens. Thus, countries that are completely dependent on food imports will likely be in a tough spot by next year, if not sooner. I’m definitely seeing major increases in prices in the grocery store. I bet you are, too.
India says it will ban wheat exports because the Ukraine war is threatening its food security
Chicken Wings for $34? Pent-Up Inflation Will Drive US Food Costs Even Higher
Watch Food-Price Surge Poses 'Apocalyptic' Risk, Bailey Says - Bloomberg
Here’s a pretty interesting opinion piece on Russia and American policy under President Biden. He makes a strong case for watch what Biden does, not what he says about Russia…
2000 Mules
And if you haven’t seen Dinesh D'Souza’s latest film presenting proof of massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election using “mules” to stuff ballot boxes, it’s a must-see. They have cell phone tracking data in many cases linked to security camera footage at drop boxes showing people running around visiting box after box in the middle of the night.
2000 Mules | Official Site
Until Next Week...
Please pray that God will be with me in the conference this week. It ends on Sunday May 22nd. Hopefully, I’ll have some good things to report about it next week.
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