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End Times Berean Watchman Report
End Times Berean Watchman Report - June Update
By Dr. Christian Widener • Issue #32 • View online
JUNE 2022
Welcome to another edition of the End Times Berean Watchman Report!
You may have noticed that I didn’t send updates the last few weeks. Over these summer months, and while I’m doing book promotion activities for Witnessing the End, I’ll probably only be able to send out monthly updates.

Witnessing the End
Well, the book is out in full publication now (in both Kindle and paperback formats) and I’ve sent out at least 50 copies for review to various pastors, Christian media, and prophecy watchers. I’m praying that many of them will be able to read it and consider what I’ve uncovered. There are a total of a couple hundred books in people’s hands now, and I’ve gotten some good feedback from people who have already had a chance to finish reading it.
In order to stay on track with the timeline revealed in the book, there is a lot that needs to happen in the next two years, but I feel sure that all of it will indeed take place. I’m glad that you all are getting to watch this process play out with me. It is faith in God’s Word and the closeness with which present events are following His plan that convinces me that we really have reached the appointed time of the end.
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see. – Hebrews 11:1 NET
Consequently, I’m presently doing everything I can think of to get this book out to God’s people. I’m also hoping to have a Spanish translation ready by next month, or soon thereafter.
Also, if you would like a free PDF version of the book, just email me and I’ll send you one.
Book Reviews
If you’ve had a chance to read the book already, and feel up to leaving a review on Amazon, I would really appreciate it. I only have two reviews at this point, but they have both been 5 stars.
The Four Horsemen
It also still looks like we are living in the days of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:1-8 and the “birth pains” of Matthew 24:4-8). It has now been admitted that inflation will be here to stay for the foreseeable future and worldwide famine is now openly being discussed for 2023.
Inflation: Treasury secretary Janet Yellen concedes she was wrong on 'path that inflation would take' - CNNPolitics
UN warns Russian blockade of Ukraine’s grain exports may trigger global famine | Food security | The Guardian
World faces famine, global food crisis as Ukraine war, climate disasters intensify - The Washington Post
And there is good reason to expect that Ukraine will ultimately lose the war with Russia, but in the process will drag the rest of the western powers into conflict with Russia in WW3 and ensure that there is a global famine or food shortage and recession for everyone.
So Advancing Globalism, War & Strife Worldwide, and Global Famine are all here and continue getting worse.
In Israel...
The political situation remains unstable for the current left leaning government, which means that there is a good possibility that a right-wing government will get in place before the end of this current year. A strong right-wing government could help usher in a return to temple sacrifice and worship on the Temple Mount. Another MK has departed from the present government, which further increases the likelihood of its soon demise.
Orbach will not vote with coalition until Judea and Samaria law passed | Israel National News - Arutz Sheva
Relations with Saudi Arabia are also showing positive signs that they will further strengthen their ties with Israel. By accepting Saudi sovereignty over two islands in the Red Sea at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, Saudi Arabia is now allowing Jewish flights over their airspace. The closer these two nations become, the more likely that Saudi Arabia will also join in signing the Abraham Accords and possibly get involved in mediating a new status quo on the Temple Mount.
Israel accepts security arrangements allowing Egypt to transfer islands to Saudi Arabia | Middle East Eye
Israel also reportedly bombed the Damascus International airport to destroy an advanced weapon system that they had just received there, and PM Bennet announced that they will no longer focus on Iran’s tentacles (meaning its proxies), but will begin to target the head of the Octopus, Iran itself. So things don’t look to be quieting down in the region.
Alleged Israeli strike on Damascus airport caused ‘extensive damage’
What is Bennett’s ‘Octopus Doctrine’ and how does it inform Israel's military approach to Iran? | All Israel News
On a Happier Note
It’s like we are watching these storms brewing out in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico. They are serious and concerning, but we should thank the Lord that they have not yet made landfall here and make the best of each day that the Lord gives us in peace, safety, and plenty. We can’t let ourselves be worried. Instead, we must rest in faith and confidence that we know God is for us, therefore, who can be against us.
I’m going to do my best this summer to make great memories with my family and friends, while we eagerly wait for the day that our faith will be made sight, and telling all those that God places in my circle and in my way along the path that the time is short, the bridegroom is coming soon. Maranatha!
Yours in Christ,
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Dr. Christian Widener

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