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End Times Berean Watchman Report - July Update

End Times Berean Watchman Report
End Times Berean Watchman Report - July Update
By Dr. Christian Widener • Issue #33 • View online
July 29th, 2022
Welcome to another issue of the End Times Berean Watchman Report!
July has been flying by, and I know that August will, too. Next month we’ll be spending a couple of weeks with family in Mexico and I’ll be speaking at a men’s retreat in Minnesota, with the title “Be Prepared.”
A lot has happened over the past month, but we are in a marathon, not a sprint. We should be grateful that things are still proceeding slowly, but I would say steadily, too.

Continued Signs of a Red Horse
Another month has gone by and it still looks like the war between Russia and Ukraine will ultimately expand into WW3. Just look at this recent list of Russian threats:
  • Putin ally warns WW III is coming unless West stops weapons supply. (5/23/22)
  • Russia issues thinly veiled threat at Moldova after EU membership decision. (6/24/22)
  • Russia to send Belarus nuclear-capable missiles within months. (6/25/22)
  • Vladimir Putin’s ‘Iron Doll’ threatens nuclear strikes on London and Washington. (6/29/22)
  • Putin ally warns US, Russia could start military fight over Alaska. (7/6/22)
  • Russia warns humanity at risk if West seeks to punish it over Ukraine. (7/7/22)
  • Russia will go all the way to Warsaw if US arms Ukraine more. (7/13/22)
  • Russia threatens ‘Doomsday’ if Ukraine attacks Crimea. (7/17/22)
Remember, it took 8 months after Germany’s initial invasion of Poland in 1939 until they began expanding their war with the world to new fronts. If Russia really does have plans to further expand their empire, then it could still be late this year or even next year before they make their next big move outside of Ukraine. But the threats that Russia has made against the US and Israel continue to suggest that this is far from over.
As Russian threats mount, Israel worries | Israel National News - Arutz Sheva
And in the latest veiled threat, China warned the U.S. that “playing with fire (vis-a-vis opposing China) will set us on fire.” China’s defense minister has also stated that any attempt to fully recognize Taiwan’s independence will be met with a declaration of war, “no matter the cost.” So, the prospects for a larger global war still loom on the horizon with both Russia and China.
Notably, it was the U.S. opposing Japan’s intent to conquer mainland China that prompted Japan to attack Pearl Harbor in an attempt to stall our ability to further interfere with their planned Asian conquests. Will history soon repeat itself, but ironically from the nation that we once defended?
China’s Xi Threatens Biden Over Taiwan in 2-Hour Phone Call: ‘Playing With Fire Will Set You on Fire’
Signs for a Black Horse Are Clear
At the present, the evidence for the inflation and famine brought on by the rider with a black horse seems harder to miss than the signs of the red horse.
As Not The Bee, recently observed: “Armageddon: After 18 months of Joe Biden’s economy, more than 90% of rural America’s income is being used just to survive…” –
Inflation Hammering Rural America, 91% Of Income Used Just To Live, Study Finds | The Daily Wire
Providing further confirmation of the times, our present economic downturn in the U.S. has now technically become a recession, which some say they believe could turn around but will likely only deepen in future quarters.
US Economy Slips Into Recession as Inflation Weighs on Growth
When we consider that in the days of the black horse it is proclaimed, “a quart of wheat for a denarius and three quarts of barley for a denarius” (Revelation 6:6), we can understood that the entire salary of a worker will be needed just for food. In a modern context, it could simply mean that people will barely have enough money to survive, i.e. that 100% of their income will be used just to live. According to this recent study, the current inflation rates have already pushed many Americans near that point. How about the rest of the world? Well, most of the rest of the world is seeing as much inflation as we are or even more, with few exceptions.
China might be an exception, except that I don’t think we can trust the public numbers they release, meaning I seriously doubt they are fairing any better. Plus, Australia, which earlier was projecting lower inflation just revised their numbers up to 7.75%. So clearly, this is something that is not just hitting the U.S. but is affecting the entire world.
And as a preview of where this is all going, just look at Argentina, whose government could start collapsing amid massive protests as inflation reaches over 60% there.
Australian Inflation to Reach 7.75 Percent by the End of the Year
Argentina’s Government Collapsing, People Refuse to Work Amid Major Subsidy Cuts
Is the Pale Horse Emerging, too?
Prior to 2020, the annual number of deaths in the world was very predictable. On average from 2013-2018, you could expect about 56 million people to die (from all causes), which was increasing by about 400,000 people per year because of annual population growth. In 2019, there was a slightly larger than predicted increase in the number of deaths, but it was still within a reasonable amount of normal statistical variation. However, in 2020 and 2021, the number of deaths jumped suddenly to about 69 million people per year, which means that altogether in those two years, nearly 22 million more people died than would normally be expected. [ Reference: ]
Dead or Kicking Website Data Sources
Dead or Kicking Website Data Sources
The jury is still out on 2022, because not all the numbers have come in, but with the public acknowledgement that there has been an explosion of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) in recent months, it is clear that we are not out of the woods yet.
The Explosive Rise of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) | The Liberty Beacon
My guess is that the Pale Horse will not be undeniable until around 2024, but I think these present statistics are confirming that the rider named Death is indeed coming this way.
In Israel...
As we continue to watch Israel as God’s prophetic timepiece and the epicenter of biblical prophetic fulfillment in the last days, it is important to keep in mind that things may actually happen differently than we imagined, but still in direct literal fulfillment of what God said would happen.
One big event from this past month was President Biden’s visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia. There were a couple of major takeaways. First, while it initially looked like Biden was going to throw some heavy weight pressure on Israel to promote the two-state solution and give up significant land to make peace with the Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas’ assessment was that Biden’s visit was a big zero for the Palestinians. That should be good news for Israel supporters.
Abbas describes Biden visit as ‘big zero’ for Palestinians - report - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post
The second takeaway is that the US is mending its relationship with Saudi Arabia, which President Biden begun putting on ice as soon as he took office. The proposed justification for his stance was based on the supposed human rights violation seen in the assignation of journalist Jamal Khashoggi—a Saudi-born journalist. However, what you may have not been told is that Khashoggi was a close friend of Osama bin Laden, a supporter of Hamas and their jihad against Israel, and a self-avowed Islamist up until the day he was killed. Certainly our intelligence service knew all that, so why was his death whitewashed as merely a political assassination? And why is the liberal left opposed to a closer relationship with a Saudi Arabia who in recent years has been making steps away from Wahhabism and radical Islam and towards a more moderate stance? This change in direction from Biden will I think help bring Saudi Arabia into the Abraham Accords and an eventual reseting of the status quo on the Temple Mount.
Joe Biden Discovers the Realist Case for the US-Saudi Alliance
Why Jamal Khashoggi’s Islamism matters | Petra Marquardt-Bigman | The Blogs
Furthermore, Netanyahu disclosed in a recent statement that Saudi Arabia was indeed a supporter of the Abraham Accords at the outset and specifically that the crown prince, MBS, was involved. Statements like this confirm that there was a broader coalition of people involved in the development and signing of the first Abraham Accords than what was seen smiling for the cameras on the White House lawn during the first signing ceremony. The Antichrist likely had a role in helping to get the Abraham Accords established, but it is still impossible to say who that will turn out to be.
Netanyahu pledges to make 'full peace' with Saudi Arabia as PM | The Times of Israel
As Israel was an early adopter in the vaccine program, they are also vying to be an early adopter of moving to a fully cashless democratic society. It is now law in Israel that large purchases cannot be made with cash. Actually, the law has been in effect since 2019, but this year they reduced the maximum limit by nearly 50%. So what can we expect in the future, another major reduction in the maximum transaction limit followed by ending the use of cash altogether. Based on an expected rise of the Antichrist in 2024, this could certainly soon expand to other countries and begin making most of the world cashless within the 2024-2027 timeline. We’ll soon see, but this is another strong sign that this is indeed the path we are on.
Israel tightening restrictions on cash use in purchases | All Israel News
Another recent indication that the Abraham Accords have become a strong and robust agreement, which is truly prophetic in nature, is the recent announcement that a very senior Bahraini official was dismissed for snubbing the Israeli ambassador. The act signals to the rest of the moderate Arab world that normalization with Israel may no longer be optional.
Bahraini king dismisses senior official who refused to shake hands with Israeli ambassador | All Israel News
And that’s not all, a former Kuwaiti foreign minister also recently chimed in supporting Israel and condemning the Palestinian leadership. That opinions like this are being allowed to be expressed and are being covered in the news is an indication that the direction of the wind has changed in the Middle East towards a favorable view of Israel.
Former Kuwaiti information minister blames Palestinian leadership for suffering of their people - All Arab News
Israel will start election campaigning in August, with elections held on November 1st, and hopefully they will finally elect a fully right-wing government which could be in place by the end of this year.
All of this looks good for the possibility of a serious modification to the status quo regarding the Temple Mount sometime next year. All we can do is watch and see, but I’m confident that the impossible will soon be made possible… and we are blessed to get to watch it happen. :)
Witnessing the End
I’m still sending out books and trying to get the word out about my new book. I’ve had several pastors read it and they have all responded really well. I did have someone challenge my view that Christ was crucified on Thursday, rather than the traditional Friday, and with some helpful suggestions from him and a little more research on my part, I had to agree. I have now updated that short section in the book to reflect that. If you’d like to read about how we can know with a high degree of certainty that Jesus was crucified on Friday April 3, 33 AD, then I hope you will check out my blog on the subject. It didn’t change anything about my overall conclusions, but I think it was important to modify even a minor point like that when such a solid answer for it can now be made. I hope you check it out:
CASE CLOSED: The Date of Christ’s Crucifixion – End Times Berean
P.S. If you have had a chance to read the book, and would be willing to leave a review of the book on Amazon, I would be very grateful. Thanks so much!
Until next month...
Well those are the big updates for the moment. I’ll get back to you next month, and then should be resuming more regular updates in the Fall.
May God bless you all,
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Dr. Christian Widener

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