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Bodybuilding Science Review - Issue #41

Dear bro,This week, I'll just begin with a shameless, selfish plug: Build muscle and lose fat with my

Bodybuilding Science Review

December 9 · Issue #41 · View online

Dear bro,

This week, I’ll just begin with a shameless, selfish plug:
It’s from Dr. Muscle’s Lean Muscle Recipes, a new booklet with easy-to-follow, time-saving, protein-packed recipes that help you build muscle and lose fat.
It includes my favourite recipe: the no-bake, high-protein fudge bar. This bar tastes so good, you’ll have to pinch yourself to double check you’re not eating a candy bar. But you won’t have to feel guilty for indulging: with 21 grams of protein and 184 calories per bar, you’ll be building muscle, not fat.
You’ll also get a special bonus that shows you how to make the perfect shake. Commercial shakes can be expensive. Some are made with cheap ingredients and low-quality protein. By blending your own shakes, you’ll save cash, boost your health, and build muscle faster.
Just start at the top of the infographic and follow the steps. You’ll go through fruits, vegetables (optional), healthy fats, natural boosters, and spices. With suggestions at each step, you’ll have everything you need to blend the perfect shake.
Plus, at the bottom of the infographic, you’ll find specific tips to customize your shake for your body type. If you’re skinny, these tips will make your shake even more anabolic. If you tend to gain fat easily, you’ll be able to use these tips to gain lean muscle (with minimal fat) with your shakes.
To thank you for being with me in these rough beginnings, you can name your own price (I’ll take anything above $9).
Click here to grab my lean muscle recipes at your own price:
Tomorrow, I’ll raise the price, so we can sell the book to a wider public and actually try and make some money ;)
If you’re looking for easy recipes that build lean muscle, grab it now while you can name your own price.
Carl Juneau, PhD
Your friend in science-based natural bodybuilding

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