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Bodybuilding Science Review - Issue #35

I'm getting a LOT of questions about nutrition. Mostly from guys who want to burn fat, lose their gut

Bodybuilding Science Review

August 26 · Issue #35 · View online

I’m getting a LOT of questions about nutrition. Mostly from guys who want to burn fat, lose their gut, and maybe one day get six-pack abs.
If that’s you, maybe you’ve tried a few diets, you’re not sure what to really eat, and you have a hard time not “cheating”.
Maybe I could help you. I know what works (I’ve been doing this for 16 years). I can tailor the best science-based practices to your situation.
I’ve also found a great way to keep you on track. It’s an app that lets me see exactly what you’re eating, down to the calories / protein / carbs / fat level (
You enter your meals and I get a recap every day by email. That’s great to keep you accountable (you know I’m watching over your shoulder, so you’ll think twice before eating that donut).
I’ve tested it with a client and got an email from him last week. He said:

“It’s working…started around 243.” -Dustin

He’s at 227 lbs now. That’s 16 lbs lost in about 2 months. I can’t guarantee that for you, but I can help.
Every week, you get a review email from me. I go over your totals for the week, and you get recommendations to improve your plan and speed up your fat loss.
Would you be interested in nutrition coaching like that? If you would, please reply and let me know what’s your #1 challenge right now, when it comes to nutrition and losing fat.
I can help a maximum of 10 people, and I have 2 spots taken already. So if you’re interested, lemme know quick.
I look forward to hear from you.
Your bro in natural science-based bodybuilding,
Carl Juneau, PhD

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