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Bodybuilding Science Review - Issue #33

Hey bro,Couple interesting studies this week:First study found that pushing your tongue up when you l

Bodybuilding Science Review

August 5 · Issue #33 · View online

Hey bro,

Couple interesting studies this week:

First study found that pushing your tongue up when you lift might make you stronger (they tested it and it worked with knee flexion).

Second study explains why you get more fat around your midsection as you get older. Your fat distribution actually shifts. It seems mainly due to hormones.

I’ll jump to 5th study which found “a graded dose–response relationship between weekly sets performed and strength gain”. We knew that for hypertrophy from a recent meta-analysis. It’s nice to see it for strength as well.

Hope you’re doing well. I’m currently camping for vacations, but you’re still getting this email thanks to the magic of the Internet. Amazing ain’t it?

Hope you’re enjoying the summer – I’m out catching some sun.


Your bro in science-based natural bodybuilding,

Carl Juneau, PhD

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