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Bodybuilding Science Review - Issue #24

When you become very strong and muscular, you really have to shock your body into new gains.You can d

Bodybuilding Science Review

May 13 · Issue #24 · View online

When you become very strong and muscular, you really have to shock your body into new gains.

You can do that with overreaching. Overreaching is when you work out too much for a short period of time. You build up fatigue. Then, when you finally allow your body to recover, it bounces back up and you become even stronger and more muscular.

The last study below (Hasegawa et al. 2015) is a good example of that strategy. They did 12 workouts in 12 days. Then, they took 6 days off, and BOOM! Their performance improved. Note that guys who took a day off after every 2 days of training did not improve their performance. Only the 12 workouts in 12 days guys did.

This study was done on bike sprints. But the same principle can be applied to lifting weights and building muscle. And we’ve already implemented it in Dr. Muscle. You’ll do it automatically, just by following the weights, reps, and sets advice you get from the app every time you work out.

We’re also about to improve that feature and make it even better at building you muscle. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Until then, in case you’ve missed last week’s newsletter, I’ve been interviewed by Pete Genot of RippedLabs:

An interview with Dr. Carl Juneau (aka “Dr. Muscle”): 3 Science-Based Training Strategies To Help You Build Muscle Faster

Pete also had a generous special offer:

He’s giving away a bottle of his supplement (MultiMuscle) if you subscribe to Dr. Muscle this week. You just have to pay shipping.

His deal is valid until tomorrow, midnight (Eastern time). Grab your free bottle of MultiMuscle while you can.
Your brother in science-based natural bodybuilding,
Carl Juneau, PhD 

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