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Bodybuilding Science Review - Issue #22

Big stir in the online "scientific" muscle community last week.Wilson et al. (2017) published a paper

Bodybuilding Science Review

April 29 · Issue #22 · View online

Big stir in the online “scientific” muscle community last week.

Wilson et al. (2017) published a paper (first down below). They found that you can probably gain muscle just as fast on a ketogenic diet than on a traditional western diet. That’s interesting.

But the ketogenic diet has a lot of zealots and haters. So, everyone had an opinion. So much so that one of the authors defended his study on his personal blog. If you enjoy science explained in more layman’s terms, check out the 2nd link down below (Lowery, 2017).

Moussa (2017) is 3rd down. Interesting comments from another PhD. He’s a little hard to read though.

Lastly, don’t miss this: 3 of the world’s best strengh coaches have started a new science newsletter… and they’re giving away the first edition. Grab it.

To me, this is like reading Playboy.

Funny week! Drama and Playboy. Hope you enjoyed.

Your brother in science-based natural bodybuilding,

Carl Juneau, PhD

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Free first edition of MASS (Monthly Applications in Strength Sport)
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