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Bodybuilding Science Review - Issue #17

My knee hurt (left knee). So, I took it easy two weeks back. Here's what I did:- Cancelled one sessio

Bodybuilding Science Review

March 4 · Issue #17 · View online

My knee hurt (left knee). So, I took it easy two weeks back. Here’s what I did:

- Cancelled one session (pain = no training)
- Reduced weights 20% the next session
- Kept volume the same (sets and reps)

Now I’m back on course, and my squat is on track to break new records. I used this deload to recover. Since fatigue masks fitness, with less fatigue, I lift more weight.

You should do that, too, when any joint hurts. Deload and heal up. By addressing your injury right away, you’ll be ready to push hard again sooner. And you may even break new records.

Your brother in natural bodybuilding,

Carl Juneau, PhD

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