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I Want to Write a Fun Letter…

Diet Queer Feminism
I Want to Write a Fun Letter…
By Sotonye Ame • Issue #6 • View online

…because we don’t only exist for pain and theorizing, we also exist for fun and joy. But I can’t think of a fun topic to write about so I’m writing this.
I went to a salon with my gay besties and we met this heavily queercoded person there. We all got gay vibes, but how do you find out if a stranger is gay in this country of ours? Rubes said she likes her style, and as I predicted, all she got was a thank you. I don’t think the person is on TikTok.
On my birthday last year, or the year before, I went to this café in Port Harcourt that I really like. Can’t remember the name but it’s opposite Genesis GRA, in the same building as Sweet Tooth, check it out if you’re in PH and need somewhere to relax. They have great coffee, really amazing teas, and their snacks are heavenly. PLUS they’re in the same building — there’s even an adjoining door — as the best icecream place in PH.
N E ways, I went there to plan my year and there was this hot woman at the bar and I really wanted to talk to her. We exchanged eye contact a couple of times and when I switched seats, she came with me. I felt like it was my turn to make a move but how do you tell a stranger you want her babies when you’re in the most homophobic country in the world?
The point of this whole thing is, we need a way to identify our community members in Nigeria. Over here, asking someone if they listen to girl in red would not fly because who even is that?
We need something, a word, a phrase, a signal, a battle cry, anything at all. I’m single and I want love and I can’t find love if I can’t ask the stranger on the road if she’s queer and wants to snuggle with me on the beach at night if there’s no safe way to pop the question okay? Okay.
We need to come up with something soon so we (read I) can find love.
With love and everything nice
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Sotonye Ame

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