The Adventures of Doodly Helen

Amateur cartoonist. Cartooning mostly to relieve the stress of living in a pandemic, sometimes doodles with wool too.

Amateur cartoonist. Cartooning mostly to relieve the stress of living in a pandemic, sometimes doodles with wool too.

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The Woolly Wanderer

This was a new challenge for me because I usually enjoy adding words but I thought a sock wouldn't be talking much, so I left them out. Although now I come to think of it, it might be funny to add thought bubbles like 'nooooo!' and 'oof'. But then again maybe…


Where have you been, Doodly Hel?

The memes are a bit hard to read, so here they are again:


Rats and robots. And paint, a camera and a scanner.

I also spent some time in the woods with my family, and that together with my son and an Ikea rat (#gosigratta) named Harriet gave me a good excuse to have another go at stop motion animation...


A host of ghosts!

By coincidence, the thrid series of the comedy show Ghosts started the next week. Here's a clip from series one:


Back to the board game theme park...and more

The next task was to develop the story, but not in any old way. The Vogons arrived...


A bit of a random one, actually

June has been a lean month for cartooning, I'm afraid. I started a new work project and it's taken up a lot of my headspace. But I did manage a cactus cartoon.I love my characters Steve and Dave, but it's hard to think up stories for them because they can't d…


Yes, there ARE still new things you can do on Zoom...

Other rides included a life-size 'Fullscalexctric' and Escape From Altlantis where you have to get off an island, surrounded by sharks and sea monsters.Next up we had the smaller attractions, mine was a twist on hook-a-duck...


Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...

I'm quite proud of this one, actually. See you next time!


Stealing from artists. Kind of.

I don't remember being taught to draw or paint anything in the style of a famous artist when I was at school. We always seemed to make things based on our imagination as small kids, then observation as we became teenagers.So when my own kids were asked at pri…


Ta da! My final project...

If you've been reading for the last few weeks you'll know about the course I have been taking....


Getting stuff done by keeping it simple

Well that was quite a week. I had a birthday, followed by a covid vaccination, then a day off to get over the vaccination and then another day to catch up with myself and attend my first covid-era online memorial service. Then my daughter's birthday.That didn…


How can I fill this space? With Spanish.

...because it seemed to be exactly what I needed. I hadn't planned to take a course in Spanish but I hadn't found anything like it in English, so I went ahead. (I don't speak Spanish but it has English subtitles. One day I hope to learn Spanish.)So far I'm on…


Monsters under the bed: How making comics helped me with pandemic fears

But rather than dig down and analyse my fears - after all, there was nothing I could actually do to remove the source of the fear - I drew cartoons.This got me thinking about fear itself, rather than what covid might do to me, my family and friends.


How I accidentally entered an art exhibition when I wasn't an artist

I'd always been interested in technology, and it made me sad that so much of our industry has now gone. I had some time left so I looked at another one of Bedford's lost industries, the Britannia Ironworks. This had been a world leader in plough technology in…


You CAN toast this : lockdown snacking and TOTP 1990

One of the few highlights of the 2020-21 covid weirdness has been Grayson's Art Club. Grayson Perry says art is a way of expressing how we feel, and he's found a way of sharing and amplifying all the odd feelings and experiences we've had. As I write this, th…


How animals got me started in cartooning

The 'k' sound is apparently the funniest in the English language (see 'the comedy k' here) so 'duck' and 'quack' have a natural a head-start there...


Why craft groups are about so much more than just craft

But it became so much more. It wasn't long before we became friends, and gradually, as we were painting, crocheting, sewing or whatever it was, we began to talk. We shared what was troubling us, the ups and downs of life. This group supported me though chroni…


Comics are not just for kids

Prompt: Draw six panels with variations on a theme e.g. crisps or ice creams in 6 different and unusual flavoursI scratched my head over this one for a worryingly long time - we only had an hour! - but in the end I went back animals, because many are fairly q…


Stop Motion Silliness

Friday 5th March 2021. It was the last day of lockdown #3 home school, and I'd finished most of the work I needed to do that day. I was in no mood to start anything new, so I had a quick look at Twitter and discovered this...


Getting hysterical with the historical

It turns out many parents could relate, having tried to drag their offspring out on yet another muddy walk. It was Sunday, so I made another one for the following day...