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The Doneist Issue #1

So this thing's been dormant for a while. Had to rebuild some of the plans and schedules and such so
January 9 · Issue #2 · View online
The Doneist
So this thing’s been dormant for a while. Had to rebuild some of the plans and schedules and such so I could figure out how to fit everything I want to be doing into what I need to be doing. 
Think I’ve got that sorted now, so expect this in your inbox every week from now on. And I should be posting regularly to the Busy 2 Done website soon. 
I say, “Should,” because like most of us, I love to build plans, I just suck at working them. Because work is hard and I am lazy. 
Little sparse this week, since, well, I want to ship this thing, and if I sit around waiting for the “perfect” articles to fall in my lap? Not gonna happen.
Expect this to change now and then - also, this is now “The Doneist.” Because we all need a hook and that’s mine. Or it will be.
Rebooting this since it’s a new year and that’s to be expected. Also, well, some day it’s just easier to start again instead of just keeping right on going.

I Thought This Was Cool
Quit your daily routine. Start your weekly routine.
No surprise, given that well, this is all about helping us get from “busy,” to “done,” that I’m kind of big on schedules. And this is something I’ve been doing for a while now, and that’s building out my week based on how I know things will work for me. 
Part of that is blocking out time on the schedule when I’m not available for meetings. Because I need to be able to schedule the stuff I need to work on to get to the “next” level. And that doesn’t happen if we’re constantly pulled around a table staring at each other. 
Do you have a weekly routine? If not, and you’d like help starting one, shoot me an email. There’s going to be more tools and such on the website over time on how to do this.
Tell Your Friends
Like I said, sparse this week. And I don’t ever want this to be a major undertaking for you as a reader. The plan is to give you the best of what’s out there, so you can take it and get on with your life. 
And if you know someone who might struggle with getting from busy to done? Share the newsletter. And here’s to having your best week ever!
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