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Coin Labs Newsletter - The Business Strategy and Analysis of Mobile Commerce and Fintech

Coin Labs Newsletter - The Business Strategy and Analysis of Mobile Commerce and Fintech

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[Fixed] Update on the Coin Labs Weekly newsletter

As you've noticed, I haven't sent out an email newsletter in a few weeks. There's a good reason for that. I recently accepted a product manager role at Verizon in NYC, building out its distributed platform and digital customer experiences. It's an incredibly …


Update on Coin Labs Weekly


Coin Labs Weekly: Apple's Business Chat Opportunity

On June 9th, Apple will unveil “Business Chat for iOS”, a new feature that will allow businesses connect with iOs users from Safari, Maps, Spotlight and Safari and jump directly into an iMessage thread. During a Business Chat, businesses will be able to colle…


Coin Labs Weekly: The Attention Tax

On a recent Recode Decode podcast, David Marcus, Facebook’s Head of Messenger, stated what should be an obvious assessment of how Facebook plans to monetize Messenger:“If we drive business outcomes at a higher rate, then those businesses will want to open mor…


Coin Labs Weekly: Publishers, Consumers and Misaligned Incentives

The Verge recently reported that publishers are beginning to leave Facebook’s Instant Articles en masse. Casey Newton of the Verge paints a very disappointing picture of the entire affair:In discussions with Facebook executives, former employees, publishers, …


Coin Labs Weekly: What’s Not Going To Change In The Next 10 Years

This quote from Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, (found via a great piece by Zack Kanter) is striking in its clarity of thought and understanding of sound business strategy:“I very frequently get the question: ‘What’s going to change in the next 10 years?’ And that …


Coin Labs Weekly: Banking Platforms, Data Networks and Incentives

Over the weekend, I read a really interesting article from Seth Rosenberg, former Product Lead for the Facebook Messenger developer platform. In the piece, Rosenberg shares some of his learning during his time overseeing Messenger’s growth from 200 million us…


Coin Labs Weekly: The Rise of VC-Backed Financial Inclusion

Recently, I wrote an article about how financial inclusion is one of the major business opportunities left in mobile:Lower income Americans rely on their mobile devices much more than middle and higher income Americans to do traditional desktop PC tasks. The …


Coin Labs Weekly: Shopify, Amazon and the Future of Mobile Payments

Last week at Shopify’s annual developer conference, Shopify Unite, the company unveiled Shopify Pay, its latest attempt to increase merchant conversation rates and speed up the checkout process. After opt-ing into Shopify Pay on a participating merchant store…