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Burn After Reading - Issue #7

Burn After Reading - Issue #7
By Kristian Glass • Issue #7 • View online
Camper vans, locks, toilets, outsourcing technology, and some wonderful wonderful hackery, enjoy!

The “Eisenhower matrix” of urgent/important is a fairly well-known model, but if just knowing about a model solved problems, everything would be much easier - Joe Dunn’s “How to Dig Yourself Out of Overwhelm” covers a range of techniques and approaches to get yourself out of constantly feeling busy.
Isabelle and Antoine sold their house and everything in it, and moved into a self-built caravan - their build journal is incredibly thoroughly detailed, and a great read. Personally I’m too much of a fan of my home comforts, plus a terrible hoarder, but it’s still fun to vicariously enjoy the minimalism!
The Unit of Caring points out the concept of “load-bearing” aspects of our day-to-day lives - habits/systems/features we can easily overlook but that provide significant value, such that they can have a disproportionately negative affect on us if they go away.
Finally, in “wtf I cannot believe we’re actually in this situation”, David MacIver suggests that if you’re in the UK, you should be stockpiling food for Brexit
“The log/event processing pipeline you can’t have” is a great read by apenwarr, covering architectural design, assorted Linux internals, and some of the terrible terrible things that happen when you have to deal with real-world systems.
I’m a frequent advocate for buying someone else’s solution to an already-solved problem over building your own (where possible). Charity Majors has assembled a series of guest posts on how to champion the outsourcing of your tooling, which I expect I’ll be using in the future!
Will Leinweber’s “\watch ing Star Wars in Postgres” is both a fun and impressive read about some interesting hackery, as well as a nice introduction to some PostgreSQL features I didn’t know about.
Finally, in “I can’t believe you did that with that”, Ben Evans presents a pure CSS still life: Water and Lemons
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! As ever, feedback is appreciated in any form - whether via email, Twitter, or the thumbs-up button.
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Cheers, Kristian
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