John Doherty

Founder of and growth marketing/SEO consultant to enterprise sites. Speaker. They say I'm a Hufflepuff. ENTJ on caffeine. We'll help you find a marketing provider to work with.

Founder of and growth marketing/SEO consultant to enterprise sites. Speaker. They say I'm a Hufflepuff. ENTJ on caffeine. We'll help you find a marketing provider to work with.

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Moving this newsletter over to Substack

Hey there! I haven't written to this list in a while because I've been super busy becoming a dad, navigating a business through a pandemic, growing that business through a pandemic, planning a house build, etc etc etc.Life has been full on!But I'm back to wri…


I kinda almost died... John Doherty - Issue #89

Have you ever gotten to the place you were wanting to go, and then something happens and you think "Oh shit this is not where I want to be"?That's exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago when I was backcountry skiing outside Breckenridge here in Colorado.…


How're your sales looking? (free webinar, only 100 spots)

Attention service business owners and operators!If you're responsible for sales and bringing in new clients, listen up.I recently learned that 70% of marketing agency owners have never had sales training 🤯And 93% of marketing agency owners don't work with a s…


Blow it up - John Doherty - Issue #87

Yo yo! It's been a bit since I've sent you an email, and for that I apologize. But it's for good reason, because my daughter Tatum was born a month ago. Here's a photo :-)I'm writing today because my brain is firing on all cylinders. I always find that when I…


Sorry for the radio silence... (John Doherty, Issue 86)

Hey y'all. It's been over a month since I last sent an email to this list. That's because I've been crushing through work over here (with a couple of work trips) in advance of my first child being born. Baby is due this Thursday (we don't know the sex), so I'…


Mindset > strategy > tactics - John Doherty - Issue #85

Something I've been thinking about and discussing with people recently is the idea of mindsets and frameworks. As I've progressed in my career and with my business, I've realized that most of us start our careers thinking about tactics. This is seen in the "H…


What hiking on a tropical island taught me about business - John Doherty Issue #84

Last week I was on vacation. To be honest, it was my first real vacation in over a year. Sure, my wife and I have traveled quite a bit and we technically had a vacation last year in New Zealand, but I was in the middle of a crisis in my business and I came ba…


How do you price your consulting work?

Hey there, this is a special edition of my newsletter with a specific ask. If you're a marketing agency/consultant, please read below. If you're not, then carry on!We are running an updated version of our well-loved digital marketing pricing survey. We plan t…


What's more important than productivity? - John Doherty - Issue #82

Howdy,Wow. 2019 and my first newsletter of the year. I'm a bit behind this year, with a lot going on at work and personally, but here we are.The last couple of months have been crazy for me. Sometimes, it does have to be crazy at work (sorry Jason Fried).As s…


The business podcasts I'm enjoying right now - John Doherty - Issue #81

Hey friends,As I've been building my company Credo, I've realized that in order to have a chance of succeeding as an entrepreneur you have to upgrade your mindset.Now, I'm not the most woo-woo of people. I resisted meditation for a long time. I don't take min…


Are you a tiger? John Doherty - Issue #80

Hi.Are you a tiger?Let me explain.A few weeks ago I was listening to Noah Kagan's podcast episode with his buddy about their ayahuasca experiences. Ayahuasca, if you don't know, is a psychedelic that has risen in popularity in recent years thanks to some very…


Person of your word - John Doherty - Issue #79

Many of you might not know that I have multiple tattoos. One is my half sleeve on my right arm that is visible with short sleeves, but the other three are not visible when I am wearing a shirt.The one on my left shoulder is a dove with VERITAS written above i…


🗳️ Smart or wise? John Doherty - Issue #78

Hey friends,Last week I didn't send a weekly update. Honestly I had been traveling quite a bit and my brain was elsewhere, and I didn't know what to say.But this week is different.Today is November 6th. I am assuming that most of you are in the United States.…


Are you surrounding yourself with good people? John Doherty - Issue #77

One of the joys of life is other people.I'm sitting at a coffee shop in Brooklyn writing this email because my wife and I are here for the week for a conference for her, client and customer meetings for me, and to be back where we used to live for a bit.We've…


Step back so you can jump in - John Doherty - Issue #76

Heyyyy everybodyyyyy!So I'm back from CaboPress (review coming soon on my personal site), which is the "business vacation" (borrowing the term from Brian Casel of Productize and ProductKit and AudienceOps) I attended last week in, well, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico…


How to take a break and not stress - John Doherty - Issue #75

Hey there.Well, I didn't send a newsletter this past week because honestly I didn't have much to say.If you know me, then you know that's pretty unlike me.The reason I didn't send one is because I have been super "heads down" getting things in place.You see, …


A day late, but a dollar short? John Doherty - Issue #74

Hey friends,I'm a day late on this, which I think is the first time that's happened in the year and a half I've been sending this email (assuming Issue 74 is accurate).I've been hiring some people over at my main business Credo and doing a lot of larger think…


Investing in yourself - John Doherty - Issue #73

Do you invest in yourself?A lot of people I know don't. You don't go to conferences and you don't buy courses and you don't read books.Why not?There's a popular saying that I've found myself thinking about a lot recently.A CEO wanted to invest in training for…


How are you showing up? - John Doherty's newsletter - Issue #72

Over the last few years I've seen a personal shift, and I'm wondering if you have experienced it too.I used to live from fear - fear of not being good enough, fear of not making enough to pay the bills, fear of being a statistic, fear of disappointing others.…


Why we do this - John Doherty - Issue #71

Do you ever reach a point where you wonder why you are doing what you do at all?I'm fairly active in a financial subreddit, and I see a lot of people saying "I'm just cutting back on my expenses and saving as much as I can because I hate my job and I can't wa…