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What hiking on a tropical island taught me about business - John Doherty Issue #84


John Doherty

January 29 · Issue #84 · View online

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Last week I was on vacation. To be honest, it was my first real vacation in over a year. Sure, my wife and I have traveled quite a bit and we technically had a vacation last year in New Zealand, but I was in the middle of a crisis in my business and I came back maybe more tired than when we left (though, some of that was jetlag).
So, vacation. We went to Lisbon Portugal (where I got to meet Brian Dean of Backlinko fame) and then on to an island called Madeira. Basically, it’s this Portugal-owned but semi-autonomous magical island about 300 miles off the coast of Morocco.
Madeira (pronounced muh-die-ruh) is tropical, so we drove by banana plantations and sat by the infinity pool in just our swim trunks/suits on January 24th. Incredible.
I learned an important lesson on this trip.
You see, one day we went hiking at the highest point on Madeira. We drove from our resort at sea level up through clouds and rain, and popped above them at 6,000 feet. We went for a hike on a levada, which are ancient pathways and irrigation channels built to transport people and water to areas of the island that needed it.
We hiked down about 1800 feet of stairs and through a tunnel, where we were back in the clouds where it was wet and a bit cold. We couldn’t see very far, but we could see that it went down. Seemingly very far down.
We stood there deciding if we should continue. Normally my wife and I are very adventurous, but she’s seven months pregnant.
We decided to continue just a bit further.
And when we did, we were rewarded with these views:
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