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🗳️ Smart or wise? John Doherty - Issue #78


John Doherty

November 6 · Issue #78 · View online

Founder of and growth marketing/SEO consultant to enterprise sites. Speaker. They say I'm a Hufflepuff. ENTJ on caffeine. We'll help you find a marketing provider to work with.

Hey friends,
Last week I didn’t send a weekly update. Honestly I had been traveling quite a bit and my brain was elsewhere, and I didn’t know what to say.
But this week is different.
Today is November 6th. I am assuming that most of you are in the United States. If so, I have a message for you in this quick podcast episode (excuse the car noises. I was driving.)
I don’t care where you fall on the political/ideological spectrum. I like many of you don’t like being put into a box either, and so it can be easy to be disgruntled or not want to take action.
I firmly believe that massive results come from massive action. The good news is that you don’t have to put in massive action to make your voice heard by voting.
You might need to wait in a long-ish line. You have a mobile phone, right? Answer emails while you wait in line.
You might need to drive there. Listen to podcasts while you’re driving so that you can keep learning even while not in the office.
You might not have transportation. Lyft and Uber are giving free/discounted rides to the polls today.
You might not know how to vote on the specific issues on your ballot. Take a bit of time and research, then go vote. I personally like Protect Our Winters’ guide -
So that’s my message for today. Our voices all matter, and we have no excuse to not be informed and not make our voices heard.
See you at the polls.
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