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Mindset > strategy > tactics - John Doherty - Issue #85


John Doherty

February 5 · Issue #85 · View online

Founder of and growth marketing/SEO consultant to enterprise sites. Speaker. They say I'm a Hufflepuff. ENTJ on caffeine. We'll help you find a marketing provider to work with.

Something I’ve been thinking about and discussing with people recently is the idea of mindsets and frameworks.
As I’ve progressed in my career and with my business, I’ve realized that most of us start our careers thinking about tactics. This is seen in the “How do I do X, step by step, to accomplish it?” types of questions. It’s actions without an aim.
Then we move on to strategies because we realize that, while we’re able to do a lot of things, if we’re doing the wrong things then we are not going to be as effective as we could be. Time and energy are finite, so we want to make sure we are heading in the right direction.
But after you’ve learned strategies and are executing on them, what breaks you through the self-imposed limitations that we all have? Yours might be different from mine, but we all have them.
“Oh I’m a good marketer, but I’m not a developer.”
I found one myself the other day - “I suck at tying knots.”
It’s silly to be sure, but I realized it as I was tying into my harness while rock climbing. I thought back, and realized that for about the last 20 years I’ve identified as being bad at tying knots because I struggled with them when I was 14 years old.
That’s a self-limiting belief that has become a mindset and an identity.
So how do we break through those? How do we get our mindset right so we can ultimately have the life we want?
I have a few recommendations for this:
1) Follow those who inspire you to think bigger. For me this is podcasts like Lewis Howes’s and Bedros Keuillian’s.
2) Pay attention to the words you use and when you tell yourself you can’t do something. Where is that coming from?
3) Stop asking questions like “What is the best SEO tool?” and instead challenge yourself to think about things like “If I wanted to take this site from 10,000 visits/mo to 100,000 visits/mo, what would have to change?”
Find those self-limiting beliefs, blast them apart, and go do great things.
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