A day late, but a dollar short? John Doherty - Issue #74





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John Doherty

September 26 · Issue #74 · View online

Founder of GetCredo.com and growth marketing/SEO consultant to enterprise sites. Speaker. They say I'm a Hufflepuff. ENTJ on caffeine. We'll help you find a marketing provider to work with.

Hey friends,
I’m a day late on this, which I think is the first time that’s happened in the year and a half I’ve been sending this email (assuming Issue 74 is accurate).
I’ve been hiring some people over at my main business Credo and doing a lot of larger thinking around business and life.
That’s what I want to talk about today.
What is enough for you?
In the digital world (whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur), we’re inundated with “how to grow your business” content. There are always new things to try, new marketing strategies, new platforms with an audience, etc.
And it’s exhausting feeling like what you have isn’t enough (if it’s able to pay your bills and you’re happy with it, that is).
So today I just want you to ask yourself one question:
What is enough for me?
Not for me John, but for you. What do you want out of life, and are you there?
If so, give yourself a break. Give yourself the gift of being happy with what you have and not comparing yourself to so-and-so on Instagram with that rented Ferrari.
Be kind to yourself and others.
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