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Digital Policy Salon: Online Shopping and Other Trends With Staying Power

Digital Policy Salon
Digital Policy Salon: Online Shopping and Other Trends With Staying Power
By ICTC-CTIC • Issue #45 • View online
Welcome to the 45th issue of the Digital Policy Salon briefing.
Coming up on the first day of summer, we’re pleased to bring you updates from the G7 this week, as well as one news item about Venus’ 464°C summer heat. While most of Canada can’t rival that weather, the provinces and federal government will soon be meeting on a coordinated approach to re-open the country.
Our perspective piece this week examines the ideal composition of an AI development team. We hear a lot about T-shaped talent: people who have a breadth of collaborative skills and a depth of specialized expertise, and this ideal extends beyond individuals to teams.
In “what we’re reading,” we explore a sticky trend: online grocery shopping, signs that it’s here to stay, and what that means for retailers and workers. Finally, our featured data visualization examines the state of Canadian investment in key technology sectors over the past year and historically.
- Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)

Policy Updates 🇨🇦
Prime Minister, Premiers meet today to discuss international travel guidelines
With inter-provincial travel to be sanctioned between some provinces in early July, Canada is considering alternatives for reopening its border. Today’s meeting follows the G7 Summit in Cornwall, England, where Prime Minister Trudeau and US President Joe Biden discussed plans for a cautious US–Canada reopening.
Canada pledges 100 million vaccine doses as part of a G7 effort
G7 countries will send up to 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to countries in urgent need. Canada has already paid for 87 million doses through the ACT-Accelerator and will donate an additional 13 million out of the country’s planned surplus supply.
Canadian inflation rises to 3.6%, highest level in a decade
On Wednesday, Statistics Canada released new figures on the prices of consumer goods, shelter, food, energy, and other products and services. Their release highlights that transportation and shelter costs in particular have gone up significantly over the past year. Many economies globally are seeing similarly high inflation emerging from COVID-19, with the US at an inflation rate of 5% from May 2020 to May 2021.
Vancouver proposes Climate Emergency Parking Program
The City of Vancouver is seeking public feedback on a Climate Emergency Parking Program, which would disincentivize gas-powered car purchases after 2023 with an annual pollution charge for permit parking of up to $1,000 dollars. Motor vehicles account for 40% of Vancouver’s carbon emissions, and the city aims to cut its emissions in half by 2030.
European Space Agency and NASA send missions to Venus
The agencies hope to understand why Venus’ atmosphere, with a surface temperature of 464°C, is so different from Earth’s given the planets’ relative proximity. There is evidence that Venus may have once had liquid water and been cooler, several billions of years ago, and some theorize that volcanic activity contributed to the change.
Our Perspective
Building a Multidisciplinary Digital Workforce
Special Events
You're Invited to an ICTC and DIACC Virtual Panel Discussion
What We're Reading
At Grocery Stores, It's Hard Work Picking Your Online Order
Research Visualized
Source: Canadian Venture Capital Private Equity Association
Source: Canadian Venture Capital Private Equity Association
Past ICTC research has found that the digital economy weathered the storm brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic better than many other industries. In the startup world, the same was true, as the ICT sector once again remained the major recipient of venture capital funding in Canada. While the sector received less venture capital than it did in record-setting 2019, it still received about twice as much funding than the next three largest recipient industries combined. Combined, 4 companies classified as ICTMiovision, Wealthsimple, Applyboard, and Hopperreceived in excess of $400 million in funding.
Twitter Highlights
Open North
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