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Digital Policy Salon: Global Tech Governance

Digital Policy Salon
Digital Policy Salon: Global Tech Governance
By ICTC-CTIC • Issue #30 • View online
Welcome to the 30th issue of the Digital Policy Salon briefing.
This week, we’re focused on international partnerships for technology development and governance. To begin, our policy updates touch upon the potential for greener investment and FDI, as well as important news from America’s ongoing discussions about big tech and anti-trust law. We also hear from smaller nations with more nimble systems for governing technologies, from Aotearoa New Zealand’s new Algorithm Charter to an analysis of “e-Estonia.” In addition, take a look at this week’s special event section for an opportunity to participate in an international B2B matchmaking program.
At the domestic level, our recent submission to the Government of Ontario’s consultation on privacy law outlines key considerations for privacy regulation for all Canadians, while an interview with the Vector Institute’s Dr. Frank Rudzicz comments on privacy and AI in surgery. Finally, our featured research highlights one of Canada’s most exciting emerging technology ecosystems: immersive technology.
Thank you, as always, for joining us in this week’s issue: from the team across Canada, we hope you’re keeping warm and finding safe ways to enjoy the onset of winter.

Policy Updates 🇨🇦
Canada Infrastructure Bank in talks with private investors to diversify funding options for green infrastructure
The Canada Infrastructure Bank will begin mobilizing private investment to help fund building retrofits and other infrastructure projects, something some experts see as a significant step towards boosting the green market in Canada.
ICTC, in its white paper on a resilient economic recovery for Canada, highlighted a “Green Recovery Bond” as one effective measure to drive sustainable GDP growth in a post-COVID economy.
Toronto startup Tiny Mile AI hoping to change the way restaurants deliver food
With a small, pink robot named Geoffroy, Toronto-based startup Tiny Mile AI is hoping to change the way restaurants deliver food by making food delivery services more affordable and ecological. Tiny Mile AI is a spin-off of the Design Fabrication Zone at Ryerson University and is headed by two ex-BER ATG engineers.
New report provides data insights into Canadians’ movements throughout pandemic
A new report by the University of Toronto in partnership with Data for Good examines anonymized cell phone data from approximately 870,000 Canadians over the course of the pandemic.
According to the authors, “Canadians’ mobility has largely recovered to pre-restriction levels in many areas, and people are primarily traveling locally within and between co-located cities, with a significant decline in air travel. However, Canadians’ proximity has not recovered to pre-restriction levels.” 
US Department of Justice sparks discussion in internet competition
The US Department of Justice has filed a civil anti-trust case against Google for its alleged monopoly power in the advertising and search engine market. “As one of the wealthiest companies on the planet with a market value of $1 trillion, Google is the monopoly gatekeeper to the internet for billions of users and countless advertisers worldwide,” the press release reads.
Google held 51% of Canada’s $7.6 billion internet advertising market and 91.5% of Canada’s search engine market in 2018. Together, Google and Facebook controlled 78.2% of internet advertising in Canada.
Our Perspective
Renewing Privacy for the Modern Digital Economy
Special Events
TCS B2B Matchmaking Program at CES 2021 Digital
Interviews in the Field
AI-assisted Decision-making in the Public Sector
Dale Elvy, Manager of the System Policy team at Stats NZ
Dale Elvy, Manager of the System Policy team at Stats NZ
Jeanne McKnight, Senior Policy Advisor in the System Policy Team at Stats NZ
Jeanne McKnight, Senior Policy Advisor in the System Policy Team at Stats NZ
Equitable and Fair Models: A Conservation with Dr. Frank Rudzicz
Dr. Frank Rudzicz, Director of AI at Surgical Safety Technologies Inc.
Dr. Frank Rudzicz, Director of AI at Surgical Safety Technologies Inc.
What We're Reading
Estonia, the Digital Republic
Research Visualized
The OECD has developed an index to measure national implementation of its recommendations for Digital Government Strategies. Indicators that are considered include whether governments are “digital by design,” how data-driven governments are, how open data and digital processes are, how friendly user-design is, and if digital government is proactive. Among its OECD peers, Canada fares relatively well. It’s worth noting, however, that perhaps the OECD would disagree with The New Yorker‘s assessment of Estonian digital governance.
Our Research
Spanning the Virtual Frontier: Canada’s Immersive Technology Ecosystem
Twitter Highlights
Trade Commissioner
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