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An ICTC newsletter that provides you with an in-depth look at the digital economy and the policies that shape it.

An ICTC newsletter that provides you with an in-depth look at the digital economy and the policies that shape it.

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Digital Policy Salon - The Albertan Economy After COVID

Canada reaches immigration backlog of 2.4 million; sets up new task force to improve wait timesCanada’s immigration backlog reached 2.7 million applications last month, according to recent data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The backlog ef…


Digital Policy Salon - Supporting Gender Equity in Tech Workplaces

Canada pledges funding for artificial intelligence, global health, and distance learning initiatives at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Last week, Canada met with Commonwealth countries in Rwanda, where world leaders discussed global health, educ…


Digital Policy Salon: Long-Awaited Legislation

Companies and investors “protecting their capital” amid heightened risk of prolonged economic downturn High interest rates, inflation, and the risk of a prolonged economic downturn are putting increased pressure on investors and investor-backed companies to “…


Digital Policy Salon: EDI in Creative Technology

Canadian GDP up 0.8% in first quarter of 2022, marking three consecutive quarters of GDP growthCanadian GDP grew by 0.7% in March 2022 and 0.8% in the first quarter of 2022, marking three consecutive quarters of GDP growth. Growth over the past nine months wa…


Digital Policy Salon: Wildfire-Fighting Technologies and Other News

Government of Canada continues to announce policy changes aimed at improving economic immigration streamsIn May, this included an announcement about expanding settlement services across the prairies, a move which will help regionalize immigration of skilled w…


Digital Policy Salon: Intellectual Property and Canadian Innovation

Environment and Sustainable Development Commissioner tables series of environmental auditsCanada’s Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development tabled five audits last month about Canada’s environmental commitments. The just transition audit fo…


Digital Policy Salon: Prioritizing Sustainability in the Digital Economy

Government of Canada wants to make it easier for Canadians to switch to electric vehicles (EVs)The Government of Canada announced steps to meet its zero-emission goals by investing in and helping Canadians make the move to EVs. Key measures include investment…


Digital Policy Salon: Spotlight on Budget 2022

The new Canadian federal budget, released yesterday, has made headlines for its commitment to improve housing supply, provide a national dental care program, and bring defense spending closer to NATO targets. It also promises additional funding for housing, a…


Digital Policy Salon: The Changing Role of Technology in Healthcare

Government of Canada introduces first green bonds totaling $5 billionThe Government of Canada introduced its first green bonds this week, a measure suggested by ICTC in 2020 in its Economic Resiliency in the Face of Adversity white paper. The earnings from gr…


Digital Policy Salon: Mis- and Disinformation in Ukraine

Big tech emerges as a central player in Russian invasion of UkraineTechnology permeates all aspects of the modern world, including war: Russia’s use of social media to conduct misinformation campaigns has lead Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…


Digital Policy Salon: Planning for 2022

British Columbia releases economic plan for 2022The Government of British Columbia published its economic plan earlier this month. The Stronger B.C. Economic Plan seeks to foster inclusive economic growth by expanding opportunities for education and training,…


Digital Policy Salon: Join Us Next Week Live

Government of Alberta launches tech-focused immigration pathwayThe Government of Alberta has launched a new immigration pathway to attract digitally skilled newcomers to Alberta from around the world (18 NOC codes will be eligible under the program). Accordin…


Digital Policy Salon: Welcome to 2022

Canadian VC investment for 2021 surpasses previous annual investment recordAccording to the Canadian Venture Capital Association, as of Q3 2021, $11.8 billion worth of venture capital funding was invested in Canadian startups in 2021. The $11.8 billion repres…


Digital Policy Salon: Happy Holidays from ICTC

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister tables fall economic updateThe federal government tabled its first fall economic and fiscal update on Tuesday, which focused on continuing the government’s COVID-19 pandemic response and strengthening Canada’s econom…


Digital Policy Salon: Settling for More

Technology industry sees low representation of women on boards and in executive positionsAccording to a review by the Canadian Securities Administrators, in 2020-2021, among 599 issuers: 22% of board seats were held by women, 6% of board chairs were women, an…


Digital Policy Salon: Soft Skills and Hard Facts

Amazon Web Services announces new infrastructure region in Alberta, $4 billion investmentAmazon Web Services (AWS) announced last week that it will be opening a second Canadian infrastructure region, located in Alberta. According to an economic impact study c…


Digital Policy Salon: AgriFood Technology and Climate Change

Prime Minister announces Cabinet Ministers, attends COP26The Prime Minister introduced the new federal Cabinet last week, which includes 38 federal Cabinet Ministers. Parliament is set to reconvene on November 22nd, which will be followed by the Government’s …


Digital Policy Salon: An International Tax for the Digital Age

Parliament of Canada to resume November 22nd, Cabinet to be sworn in October 26thThe Prime Minister’s Office announced on Friday that the federal Cabinet ministers will be sworn in on October 26th and that Parliament will reconvene on November 22nd. The annou…


Digital Policy Salon: ICTC Horizon Digital Future Summit February 2022

Québec passes modern privacy legislationThe Québec National Assembly has passed new privacy legislation for the province of Québec. The Act became law on September 22nd and will be phased in over a three-year period until September 22, 2023. It brings Québec’…


Digital Policy Salon: The Meryl Streep of Mathematics and a DPS Podcast Launch

Government of Ontario publishes plan for digital ID projectsThe Government of Ontario recently published new information about its approach to future digital ID projects. Included in the plan is the Ontario government’s digital ID vision, key principles that …