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By Matt S - Editor-in-Chief • Issue #81 • View online
Hello everyone!
It was a big week of reviews for us this week, from a compilation of beloved Konami classics, to two excellent narrative-orientated games, and one big blockbuster, we had a big variety of things to write about too.
I wanted to quickly flag with you all that next week will be a disrupted week for us. I need to have an operation done, and while it’s not going to involve a long hospital stay, I would expect that I’m not going to feel great for a couple of days. We will still have our usual news coverage, and the monthly podcast, so we won’t disappear, but please be patient with reviews and such as I, personally, will probably fall behind a little.
Also, a little fundraising plea from me, I guess - I hate doing these, but while I am covered by private health insurance, there are still out-of-pocket expenses for medical procedures in Australia and I’m going to lose a couple of days of work income, so if you can please do consider helping DDNet out a little this month if you can.
I’m certainly not asking for donations! But if you wanted to grab yourself a mug or something fun from our merchandise store, or buy one of our digital magazines, then you’d also be helping us a great deal this month, and we’d <3 you forever for it.
Thanks for reading DDNet, and have an awesome weekend!

Reviews Of The Week
Review: Immortality (PC)
Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection (Nintendo Switch)
Review: South Of The Circle (Nintendo Switch)
Review: Idol Manager (Nintendo Switch)
Review: The Last Of Us Part 1 (Sony PlayStation 5)
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Our Favourite News This Week!
XSEED Games bring Trinity Trigger west next year
Bear and Breakfast officially coming to Switch in September
The card-based JRPG, Voice Of Cards, is back for more!
Gungrave G.O.R.E’s got a release date!
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