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By Matt S - Editor-in-Chief • Issue #84 • View online
It’s magazine week! The September issue of the Dee Dee Zine is now available, and I know I say this every month, but I really think the magazine is going from strength to strength. This issue brings literature, television, JRPGs and more together, features new authors and artists that we haven’t worked with before, and plenty more! Check out all the details below.
Of course, with September being the nightmare for the backlog that it is, we didn’t get a rest in terms of the game reviews either. The headline act this week is the long awaited western release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero, and it doesn’t disappoint on any level, but be sure to check out Wylde Flowers and Soulstice too, because those were both very nice surprises indeed.
Finally, be sure to check out some of the stuff by our friends in the independent gaming press. It’s a tough gig out there, with more and more media outlets shedding staff. We indies have to band together and, frankly, it’s where a lot of the best games writing comes from. Just check out the stuff they’ve produced this week and enjoy the read!
Thanks as always for reading DDNet, and have a great weekend everyone!

Reviews Of The Week
Review: The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero (Nintendo Switch)
Review: Wylde Flowers (PC)
Review: Soulstice (Sony PlayStation 5)
Review: Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness (Nintendo Switch)
Get The September Dee Dee Zine Now!
It’s time for the September issue of the Dee Dee Zine, and we have a big one for you, with everything from games to literature, TV and more to share!
Here’s a summary of what to expect from this month’s magazine:
- The philosophy and psychology of the Xeno series - where did Xenoblade Chronicles come from?
- Essays on Ryu Murakami and an introduction to Japanese queer literature.
- Rilakkuma - Japan’s newest soul mascot.
- On the return of Ryza, everyone’s favourite alchemist, for a third game.
- The unique challenges of writing a visual novel.
And then there are puzzles (including a nonogram!), the latest in an ongoing story featuring Dee Dee, photos from Japan, comics and more!
All of this is just $5 at our PayHip store - the downloadable file is in high resolution and easy to print out, or stick on your tablet or PC for whatever reading experience you prefer.
Or, if you’d prefer, you can support us on Patreon. For just $1/month you get the magazine as a reward for backing us, making it the cheapest gaming magazine you’ll find out there.
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Our Favourite News This Week!
Penko Park – A “hidden gem” Pokémon Snap clone – is coming to Switch
Design your very own cult in Honey, I Joined a Cult
The forest isn’t the only landscape you’ll be exploring in KAKU: Ancient Seal!
It has been more than a decade, but Ruina is making a return!
It has been more than a decade, but Ruina is making a return! – Digitally Downloaded
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