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I think developers are starting to crack the Soulslike formula. For the longest time, it was only really From Software that understood what it was doing with these games. Koei Tecmo had the excellent Nioh, but that was an aberration. Otherwise, every developer that tried to emulate the winding labyrinths and hardcore challenge of the Souls series struggled to capture the X-factor, and indies that tried fell spectacularly flat.
But in recent weeks, first through Thymesia and now Steelrising, we’re seeing that shift. Developers have figured out what makes these games tick, and now they’re competing for creative vision, rather than just recreating From Software’s vision.
This is a good thing. This means the soulslikes are going to get so much more interesting. Steelrising, in particular, is fascinating and I highly recommend you all read my review.
Elsewhere this week it was podcast week, and our massive 2-hour show goes in-depth with some great discussions. Please do check that out!
Thanks as always for tuning in and supporting DDNet, friends. Have a great weekend!

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