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By Matt S - Editor-in-Chief • Issue #64 • View online
The big news this week was Square Enix selling off its major western IP - including Tomb Raider - for $300 million. A lot has been said about what the company plans on doing with that money (including, unfortunately, NFTs and blockchain stuff), but not so much has been said about why that was actually a good idea.
AAA-blockbuster game development has scaled beyond the means of any but the biggest companies. Square Enix is a big business, but it can’t muster the resources to compete with Sony, Microsoft or Rockstar. At the same time, that’s what people would expect from a Tomb Raider game now; something of the scale and standard of Horizon. It only takes one failed project at that scale to put the business at great risk.
This way, Square Enix can go back to allocating its resources to the Japanese properties that it does well with, and for which there aren’t quite the same expectations around the scale of the project.
We’ve got plenty of interesting reviews and articles for you this week, as well as our monthly podcast, and our friends across the independent gaming press have produced some amazing stuff. Check it all out, and thanks as always for reading!

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Trek To Yomi: This game is magnificent
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Tune In To The Digitally Uploaded Podcast!
The news this week that Square Enix was selling off its western development studios to (in part) help fund a move into blockchain gaming makes this podcast all the more pertinent. We actually recorded it before that news broke, but we actually talk about how terrible NFTs will be to the video game industry going forwards.
Elsewhere, we list off the massive number of May game releases you should be looking forward to, and chat about video game narratives that would be absolutely impossible to achieve in other media; just how can video games shape themselves as a unique storytelling medium.
Thanks as always for tuning in and we’ll see you next month!
Stream Of The Week
Citizen Sleeper: Friday night anticapitalism stream!
Citizen Sleeper: Friday night anticapitalism stream!
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