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I feel a little sorry for Triangle Strategy. It’s actually a very (very) good game, but it has also come at the tail end of a massive few weeks for RPGs and JRPGs, and I do get the sense that people are getting a bit burned out now.
It does feel like, with COVID-19 affecting the development cycles for the last two years, developers and publishers have selected this period, now, to play catch up, and there’s just no way for most people to play it all. This is especially true given that Elden Ring, which has sold so well worldwide, is also a black hole of player’s time.
The point here is, don’t overlook Triangle Strategy. It’s one of the year’s highlights, even if it is not occupying anywhere near the mindshare it deserves.
In other news, we have a first look at the new DDNet to share at the bottom of the newsletter! Check it out - I can’t wait to start this new chapter in the Website’s evolution.

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Your First Look At The New DDNet!
As you all know, we’re going through a complete re-design of the DDNet Website, moving it to a new provider, and refreshing the site completely. It’s taking a while, to be sure (12,000 articles don’t just move themselves), but it’ll be worth it, as the new-look site will be so much more enjoyable and functional.
Here’s your first look at the site - this is still very much a WIP, and the category names and the like will change, but hopefully from this you’ll get a sense of the chic minimalistic/newspaper look we’re going for.
We’re hoping to go live with this by the end of the month, so stay tuned for more updates soon!
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