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By Matt S - Editor-in-Chief • Issue #57 • View online
I haven’t got much to share from DDNet itself this week, but there’s a very good reason for that - we have been working incredibly hard to get the new website live. It is now. Check. It. Out! It is absolutely gorgeous and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts after clicking around a bit.
(Also the newsletter is one day late this week because I wanted to share this news. We’ll go back to the normal schedule from next week).
It wasn’t the only big release we had this week, either! The March issue of the Dee Dee Zine is now also live, with 56 pages of in-depth and interesting features.
Finally, as always, please check out the amazing work of our friends from the independent games media. They’re the best in the business.
I need a good beer and sleep now. Here’s to a bright new future for!

The March issue of the Dee Dee Zine is live!
Just in case the website refresh wasn’t enough, we did also publish the March edition of the Dee Dee Zine this week, with a cracking range of features, including:
- On Martha Is Dead and censorship: Why Sony needs to ease up and let artists make art.
- On Tragedy In Otome Visual Novels: These games go darker places than you might imagine.
- Noh Theatre: What Japan’s most ancient performing art tells us about Japanese culture and art.
- Feminism, Communism and Japanese Literature: Delving into the most subversive of Japanese writing.
- Much more! 
Patreon backers get it free as part of their support. Or, if you’d like to buy the single issue, you can grab it here.
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