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By Matt S - Editor-in-Chief • Issue #56 • View online
Hello friends! This is the last newsletter you’ll read before DDNet makes the big move to its new platform and design. We have had the current Website design for the last seven years now, and it was finally creaking so much that we needed to make the move.
You’ll find the new site infinitely better and more enjoyable to use. The articles look and read better, and the site is much more functional. I’m thrilled to be making the move… but I must also say that I’m feeling nostalgic about a Website that has served us well since 2015, and allowed us to publish around 10,000 reviews, features, and other pieces of news in that time.
So be sure to drop by and say goodbye to the site this weekend. We’re not going to be able to publish anything further on the site until we’ve made the move, so be patient with us, and this time next week we’ll be back and running in full. It’ll be the same URL address, of course. Nothing changes about how you visit and interact with DDNet. It’s just that one day you’ll drop in and see something completely different.
In the meantime, we will be publishing a demo for the next visual novel this weekend, which is finally back on track! That will be on And there’s a magazine coming next week, and you can check the cover art out below. We’re keeping very busy indeed!

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Next Week's Dee Dee Zine Covers!
The March edition of the Dee Dee Zine gets published next week, and we’ve got some gorgeous art for the covers. We’ve worked with a new artist to start what will hopefully be a series of arts featuring the girls in classical painting styles - this one is Dee Dee in a Degas ballet painting.
And then we have on the back cover a Nettie take on the Barbarella aesthetic - Nettierella, if you will. If you’ve never seen Barbarella before (it’s a film from 1968, so don’t worry if you haven’t), then know that it is very much a product of the 60’s - it’s a super-sexed and cheesy sci-fi in the most wonderful way.
It’s almost tempting to make a Nettierella visual novel, actually…
Anyhow, enjoy the covers and look forward to the magazine next week! Don’t forget you’ll be able to purchase them directly from the store, and Patreon backers get them in return for their support.
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