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There was a bit of discourse around Xenoblade Chronicles 3 this week. The release date of it was moved up, and then, for whatever reason, a round of opinion pieces followed with people arguing that the game should be less “horny” than Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which had some infamously exaggerated female characters.
It’s a common enough subject that it’s tiring to re-tread, but as always, I find it genuinely strange how “fan service” seems to be the only type of content that draws this level of controversy. It’s fine for games to celebrate war and violence. Horror is a perfectly fine subject. When games get banned in Australia for drug use, the community and media comes out on the side of the game. Just this week a new hunting game was announced, and hunting is a subject that deeply offends some people. The position we take, however, is that all of these things are fine.
For the most part, when games contain material that will offend some people, we expect those people to have the maturity to look the other way and allow the game developers their creative right to make the game, and allow for players that want to experience that material to do so.
But not fan service and sex themes. These are the only things that there is a visceral expectation by parts of the community that they should only be allowed to exist within a very narrow context.
I will never stop being surprised by that.
Anyhow! The introduction of a newsletter shouldn’t be a long essay, so read all our stuff below and have an awesome weekend!

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Samurai Bringer: Friday night roguelike!
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