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Why focusing on SEO is a bad idea

Think. Write. Lead.
Why focusing on SEO is a bad idea
By Diego Pineda • Issue #22 • View online
Welcome to another chapter of Think.Write.Lead. Spring weather is arriving in my part of the world and I’m already thinking about my next book. What are you working on? I’d like to hear from you.
Now, let’s get on with today’s issue.

Life is full of ironies.
I’ve gotten two different positions with SaaS companies paying me six figures to do their SEO and content marketing strategies.
The thing is that I’m not a fan of SEO.
I can do it and get results in time, with enough budget and the right team.
But I’d rather build thought leadership than rankings.
I’d rather create content based on my audience’s questions than a list of keywords.
But SEO is what most companies are looking for these days.
Oh, well.
Oh, well.
Am I saying you should never do SEO?
You still want to be found by search engines, so follow best practices and optimize your site for your main topics.
But SEO is more than keywords – there’s technical SEO, site structure and speed, UX, and linking strategies.
It’s a complex game that solopreneurs and individual content creators should not prioritize over strategies like thought leadership marketing.
So how do you create thought leadership?
Instead of creating a content calendar out of a list of keywords, aim for a list of disruptive ideas.
  • Content that shakes your readers’ paradigms.
  • Content that challenges them to change their belief systems.
  • Content that makes people go, “Wow, I hadn’t thought about that before.”
Let’s try it out.
  • What is an “old way” of thinking that your clients have that they must change for a better “new way”?
  • What mistakes are your clients making that are perpetuating their problems?
  • What principles for success do your clients need to adopt in order to get the outcomes they’re looking for?
Let’s write three headlines for future articles:
  1. Disruptive headline. Example: “Content Marketing is Dying - Here’s why you need to develop thought leadership instead
  2. Mistakes headline. Example: “3 Mistakes Solopreneurs Make When Positioning Themselves
  3. Principles headline. Example: “Write Like a Thought Leader - Four principles for writing a blog post that makes an impact
When you get discovered for a keyword, you are just one more search result in Google, an option among many.
But when you get discovered because of your disruptive, mind-bending content, you stand out, you are unique.
So, why try to just be better than the competition when you can be the only one?
Be a badass, like Wolverine.
Be a badass, like Wolverine.
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