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This one's about you

Think. Write. Lead.
This one's about you
By Diego Pineda • Issue #26 • View online
What’s up? Welcome to this issue of Think.Write.Lead. where I talk about movie characters, go against a widely held belief in sales and marketing, and show you why writing like a thought leader means telling your own stories.

Movies that flop tend to have one common trait.
Characters that are not well developed.
It’s like watching total strangers deal with conflicts but there’s nothing relatable there, not enough backstory for you to care about them.
I felt like that with the new character in the latest Dr. Strange movie.
The movie is a bit weird as well
The movie is a bit weird as well
That’s why series are so popular.
Or trilogies where the first movie is the origin story do so well (think about The Matrix, for example).
Because you see the characters grow and transform, so you feel a connection (an attachment even) to them.
And I’ve found that this is true also in business.
The current dogma says:
“People only care about themselves, what’s in it for them, the benefits of the product, so don’t talk about you.”
This may be true in a transactional model, but not necessarily with thought leadership.
The thought leader or chief evangelist is moving people towards a cause, an ideal state that encompasses more than short term gains.
Common wisdom tells us that people are selfish by nature, looking only after their own interests. But a sense of community, belonging and altruism also moves people into action.
Let’s apply this to your writing.
Brands like Patagonia and Tom’s tell a story of purpose, environmental activism and social responsibility.
Brands like Apple and Canva tell stories of providing tools for inspiring creativity.
What is your story?
  • Are you sharing enough of yourself or your brand for people to really care about you and your vision?
  • Or are you afraid of the spotlight and don’t want to be the face of your business?
  • How much have you developed yourself as a character in your writing?
Write your story and vision (your why) in three formats:
  • A short form for a LinkedIn post or Twitter thread
  • A long form for the About section of your site or a blog post
  • Optional: write a book that explains your framework and tells your story in more detail.
People love stories, emotion, and honesty.
Don’t play the game of influencers who show a fake life to impress their followers.
Tell your origin story, revealing the why, the vision behind the product or service – and do it with sincerity.
Show your humanity through your writing.
And lead the way by telling enough about yourself that people will really care. In other words, develop your own character.
And add some visual effects if you like
And add some visual effects if you like
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