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This is a really smart trick

Think. Write. Lead.
This is a really smart trick
By Diego Pineda • Issue #24 • View online
Happy Tuesday! Welcome to a new issue of Think.Write.Lead. where I show you an easy but smart tactic to publish more content quickly.

You know the saying…
Work smarter, not harder.
I say write smarter, repurpose harder.
How come?
Well, as you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, your content must reach your audience through different channels and formats.
But creating blogs, podcasts, videos, social media posts, and the like can be time consuming.
That’s why learning a system to repurpose your content is the smartest thing to do.
So let me show you my system.
I call it the Content Cadence.
The goal of the content cadence is to set up the Perfect Repeatable Week.
That means, a set of activities that will allow you to do the same things week over week but that will bring results.
The cadence consists of one main piece of content which is then repurposed into several pieces.
  • The main piece of content can be a long blog article, a podcast episode, the recording of a live event, or some other type of video. 
  • The blog post can be repurposed into shorter pieces of text to be shared on social media.
  • The podcast and the videos can be cut into short clips (by topics) and also shared on social media.
For example, here’s a cadence I follow…
A weekly blog article for Medium, repurposed into:
  • LinkedIn - 5 posts
  • Newsletter - short version
  • Twitter - 5 tweets
Of course, the content shouldn’t be about random topics, but only those I’m building thought leadership around.
In my case, they are Thought Leadership, Book writing, Writing and IP creation, and Solopreneurship.
And since my writing is part of my business, I make sure that each article mentions one or more of my products (and links to them).
For example, an article or posts might mention book (The Solo Thought Leader), the Thought leadership Scorecard, or my online course.
Ready to do the same? Let’s try it.
  • List the topics you want to be known for.
  • Think of something unique that you have to say about those topics that is not a copy of what everybody else is saying.
  • Brainstorm one content ideas for each of those topics with your unique insights.
  • Start by writing the long piece (900 + words)
  • Then repurpose the long piece into several LinkedIn posts or Tweets.
  • Publish a shorter version of the article as an email sent to your list.
  • Include CTAs to your products or services.
Writing like a thought leader doesn’t mean creating pure and original pieces for each platform or medium.
On the contrary, it means writing great pieces once and distributing them widely.
Your ideas should spread like wildfire, but don’t wait for it to happen by accident.
You must be purposeful about amplifying your writing.
And a great way to do that is with a content cadence.
That there is a good idea.
Right, Joey?
Right, Joey?
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