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Stop writing this type of content

Think. Write. Lead.
Stop writing this type of content
By Diego Pineda • Issue #28 • View online
Welcome to a new episode of Think.Write.Lead., where I continue to talk about content that sucks and how your writing can stand out and make a dent in the digital universe. Enjoy!

The internet has turned into a meta world.
And I’m not referring to Facebook’s new name.
Here’s what I mean.
When I was a science writer I read a lot of meta-analyses.
Those are scientific studies about other studies.
Researchers performed statistical analyses of the results of multiple scientific studies about the same topic to find significant trends.
The meta Simpsons.
The meta Simpsons.
Now, the internet is full of meta-content…
  • The most popular LinkedIn posts are about LinkedIn posts.
  • Just like the most popular online courses are about creating online courses.
And the worst posts are about how they can’t think of anything to write about.
“This morning I couldn’t think of anything to write, but it’s okay, I should not be so hard on myself, yadida, yadida, yadida…”
A whole post about nothing.
The lack of original ideas is disturbing.
And while a meta-analysis has value in science, meta-content has very little value anymore.
The problem with meta content is that:
  • It’s obvious - simple and undifferentiated.
  • Makes you just another writer talking about the same things as everyone else.
  • It’s white noise that may get you some sympathy likes, but has no impact.
Talking about sympathy likes, I saw a post the other day where someone was advocating for linking everybody’s posts, even if you don’t actually like the content, because “we get unlimited likes” and “we should be kind to one another.” Sort of like the participation trophies they give out to kids in sports.
If you really want to write like a thought leader but have been writing meta-content so far…
Please. Stop. It.
Come up with valuable ideas by thinking about the past, the present, and the future.
  1. Past: what past experiences can you use to teach life/business lessons?
  2. Present: what are some current wins and failures you can use to encourage others on a similar journey?
  3. Future: do you have some professional insights into what’s coming for your industry?
Here’s a challenge for you:
Imagine you were invited to speak at a panel of innovators and inventors, some of them Nobel laureates. You have to write an abstract/summary of your most revolutionary idea to discuss with the panel.
Now write it out as your next LinkedIn post.
Writing like a thought leader requires THINKING.
Leading with thoughts.
That’s why this newsletter is called Think. Write. Lead.
The order is important.
So take some time to think deeply, question your beliefs and the paradigms in your industry.
Ah, and if you don’t have anything valuable to say, don’t say it. Take the day off.
Get rid of the pressure of “consistency” for the sake of consistency.
Otherwise you’ll awaken the fury of the Meta Hulk….
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