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Quick Guide to Becoming a Hero

Think. Write. Lead.
Quick Guide to Becoming a Hero
By Diego Pineda • Issue #35 • View online
Happy Tuesday and welcome to Think.Write.Lead. Today I show you how being a hero relates to thought leadership, why you need to be more like Luke from Star Wars, and some tips to write your own mission. Ready? Let’s go!

Have you heard of the reluctant hero?
In storytelling, it’s the character that refuses her calling because of her faults, duties or attachments.
Like Luke Skywalker refusing to go with Obi Wan because he has to work with his uncle.
It wasn’t until tragedy struck and he had nothing left that he decided to heed the call.
He was then a reluctant hero.
He looks so young!
He looks so young!
And we all are reluctant heroes in a sense.
As writers, solopreneurs, or aspiring thought leaders we are called to stand out.
Yet, our default mode is to blend in, to be like others.
Standing out means having a strong opinion and not shying away from conflict — but or brain craves the dopamine that comes from approval (likes, nice comments).
Standing out means going against the grain and doing things differently — but it’s easier to copy the top performers and improve on what’s already working (or add a personal touch 🤮).
Standing out as a thought leader means creating original non-obvious content — but it’s easier to follow formulas, share inspirational quotes, and becoming a motivational poster.
But I bet you don’t want to wait for tragedy to hit and force you into the hero’s path.
You just need to make a decision today and step out of your comfort zone.
Here’s what heroes need:
1. A mission
Luke: destroy an evil galactic empire.
You: change your industry, help others become better at X.
2. A guide
Luke: Obi Wan Kenobi, Master Yoda.
You: mentors, authors, teachers.
3. A weapon
Luke: a lightsaber.
You: your writing, your leading thoughts and ideas.
What is your ultimate mission? What impact do you want to make in your world? Is there a calling or cause you feel drawn to?
This mission should keep you up at night and make you jump out of bed in the morning. It should energize you and make you daydream.
Do you need to find a mentor? Are you learning from others and training to improve your business and writing skills?
Have you found your weapon — that which you do well and resonates the best with your audience (writing, podcasting, videos, acting, sword fighting)?
Write down your mission and commit it to memory.
Don’t make it something that can easily be checked as complete (like having 100k followers or a million dollars).
Things that can be checked off are goals or milestones and they come under your mission (but are not the mission).
Instead, strive for a mission that is always expanding.
For example, my mission as a writer is to help aspiring authors put their great ideas into writing and release their books into the world so they can become thought leaders in their niches.
Note that I said “my mission as a writer” and not “my mission in life” or just “my mission.”
I believe you can have different missions for different areas of your life.
You can have a personal mission and a professional mission.
If not, then you would be risking your health, relationships, and more, just to follow your professional mission.
Leadership is not easy.
While followers just need to do as they’re told, leaders must be proactive, always thinking ahead.
And that’s the key for thought leaders. Think about the future, create a vision of a different world, and communicate it through your writing.
Just like Luke Skywalker, become the hero that inspires others to fight for their dreams (financial freedom, job satisfaction, happiness, business success… you name it).
Embrace your different, and let go of the fear of standing out.
So, get out of your comfort zone and jump into the hero’s journey.
Grab your sister and yehaa!
Grab your sister and yehaa!
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