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I've decided to become a myth buster

Think. Write. Lead.
I've decided to become a myth buster
By Diego Pineda • Issue #39 • View online
Welcome to this episode of Think.Write.Lead. where I change the usual format a little to tell you about a new exciting development.

So, I’m becoming a myth buster.
But not like the guys on Discovery. Nothing about explosions and weird science.
Although that would be fun.
So what kind of myth buster?
Before I tell you, let me give you some context.
In my research on thought leadership, I found 7 categories you must be good at: Expertise, Innovation, Branding, Education, Impact, Business Operations, and Intellectual Property Creation.
And from the results of the Thought Leadership Scorecard, I’ve identified the biggest mistakes solopreneurs are making.
One of those mistakes is not creating original intellectual property.
  • If tomorrow you were to lose all your clients, partners, and physical assets in your business, only one thing would remain that would allow you to get back on your feet very fast: your intellectual property assets. Or IP for short.
  • IP assets include designs, inventions, trademarks, published books and articles, digital films, and the like. Anything you create with your knowledge and has your name attached to it as the creator.
Sadly, most solopreneurs are happy with posting their ideas in bite-sized chunks on social media and rarely put down their full frameworks on writing.
In my opinion, the best IP asset you can create is a book.
Writing a book forces you to organize your ideas and systems (whatever you do for your clients or in your craft) and explain them in a clear way.
Once you do that, you can clarify your message, create an ecosystem of products around your book, and gain credibility and authority as a published author.
That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help solopreneurs write and publish books that will make an impact in their businesses and the world.
The problem is that there are many myths and wrong ideas about what is needed to write a business book.
That’s where I come as a myth buster.
This week I’m launching a new podcast to demystify book writing and show you that IT IS possible to become an author.
The Solo Author Podcast explores the systems, the mindset and the skills you need to write and publish legendary thought leadership books.
Season 1 is composed of 16 episodes, with topics like finding the big idea for your book, choosing your audience, finding time to write, how to publish, and much, much more.
I’ll talk about changing your mindset so you can begin to think like an author; about the systems or processes you must put in place to complete your manuscript in a reasonable time. And w the habits and practices that will ensure you make it as an authorpreneur.
So join me in The Solo Author podcast.
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This is how excited I am about the podcast!
This is how excited I am about the podcast!
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