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3 keys to publishing consistently

Think. Write. Lead.
3 keys to publishing consistently
By Diego Pineda • Issue #40 • View online
Hey, this is issue #40 of Think.Write.Lead. I can’t believe it’s been 40 weeks since I started writing this newsletter (and more surprising that I haven’t missed one). That’s consistency. And consistency is the topic of this issue.

There’s always a time in your thought leadership journey when you start questioning yourself.
Is what I’m doing worth it?
Should I invest all this time and effort in creating thought leadership content ?
Do people even really care?
This was especially true last week for me as I saw things unfold on LinkedIn.
I published some well thought out posts, giving (IMO) a lot of value, but most of them flopped.
All the algo and people seemed to care about last week was the crying CEO.
Whoever posted about the crying CEO had instant virality. 
Writing about a popular news topic is a known way to highjack attention (the practice is called newsjacking).
But as you probably noticed, the average newsjacker didn’t produce any thought worth following.
Just fluff.
And social media fluff gets tons of likes and views.
So you might be tempted to pursue the route of the influencer and become a commentator of the obvious.
Or quit altogether.
This is so frustrating, sometimes.
This is so frustrating, sometimes.
Don’t do it.
You must keep on going with your content strategy and stay the course.
I know you’ve heard about the importance of being consistent.
Post every day, publish your podcast or newsletter every week, engage a few times per day….
But if you’re like me, you can run out of steam after a while.
That’s why you need a strategy.
You need to take these 3 steps:
1. Plan your content in advance
If you don’t have your content planned out in advance, but are trying to come up with ideas the day before, you are setting yourself up for burnout.
Create a content calendar, plan out your quarter, and commit to the plan, no matter what.
2. Diversify your content
I don’t know about you, but I get bored if I don’t have variety.
Creating content about just one topic in just one format can feel stale.
So pick two or three topics, mixed them up a bit, and try different formats (text, video, graphics, podcasts).
3. Work in sprints
Once you have a calendar and a few topics and formats, you can focus on one sprint at a time.
Knowing that a certain campaign or effort has a beginning and an end can help you stay consistent.
For example, I just launched a new podcast last week (diversifying my formats) and created a list of 16 topics for the episodes (calendar) which will make season 1 (a sprint).
Not having to come up with new topics or guests every week, and knowing in advance that I just have to record 16 episodes (at least for now) makes it easier to stick to the plan.
  • Of all the topics you write about, which are the top two that resonate the most with your audience?
  • What other formats or channels can you use to diversify your content distribution?
  • Write down your content strategy (objectives, topics, channels, cadence, frequency, etc.)
  • Build a spreadsheet with a content calendar for the next 60 days (if that feels like a lot, try 30 days)
You don’t have to write the 30 or 60 posts at once, but plan ahead the topics and the formats.
Trendy news, like crying CEOs, come and go everyday.
And unless you want to a Gossip Leader, it’s better to not fall into the trap of chasing the latest clickbait headline.
To be a true thought leader, you must build frameworks and publish disruptive ideas.
They may not have the 15 minutes of fame or the rush of dopamine from virality, but they certainly build up over time and make a bugger impact.
So stay the course, my friend, and keep writing like a thought leader.
Go for it!
Go for it!
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